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Tom Cruise speaks from-the-heart about his “Mission POSSIBLE” Career

While Tom Cruise blows up the box office this weekend in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, critic/reporter David Sheehan’s original web series “Sheehan & The Stars” spotlights an upclose over-the-years look at Cruise candidly describing critical crossroads on his way to becoming one of the biggest and most likable movie stars of all time. It’s a never-seen-before Tom Cruise, very genuinely …

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David Sheehan Remembers And Relives Memorable Moments With Robin Williams

The late comic mastermind and film acting star, Robin Williams, is being remembered on the Internet this weekend, as the focus of the new original web series “Sheehan & The Stars” on YouTube. Reporter David Sheehan has compiled an unusually revealing over-the-years collection of interview-interplay with Williams in the latest 5-minute episode of his new weekly look back at the …

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The Life and Times of Flappy Bird [Infographic]

Millions of people all over the world started off their year right by downloading Flappy Bird. The incredibly successful app, created by a single man in Vietnam, took the world by storm, racking up over 50 million downloads and 48,000 ratings putting it on par with classic apps like Gmail. Flappy Bird’s meteoric rise to fame is baffling though, as …

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The Liberalization of TV [Infographic]

The state of television today is very different than when your parents and grandparents were youngsters. Back in 1952, it was considered too risqué to say the word “pregnancy”—yet the highly popular “I Love Lucy” did it when introducing Little Ricky. Have you ever seen a belly button on TV? In 1965, Jeannie, Ginger, and Mary Ann were not allowed …

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Best Movies Leading Up to Summer 2013

With the new year in full swing, here’s a month-by-month look at some of the best movies that will lead up to what will truly be an epic summer for movies. January: Zero Dark Thirty This military movie was nominated for multiple Academy Awards for 2012, seeing a limited release in L.A. on December 18, and a wide release on …

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The Top 5 Action Movies of All Times

Action movies have always been box office top grossers. Action flicks give adrenalin rush. This is the reason people still like to watch cinema that whip up the sensory storm on the big screen with surround sound. Though Bollywood too have transformed manifold by using advanced technology, Hollywood movies are epitome of action and thrill. The Hollywood has provided numerous …

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5 Best Movies Filmed in New York

New York has a history of having some of the most iconic masterpieces filmed there. From dramas to action movies, New York has seen it all. And the best part is that movies are still being filmed all around New York to this day. Reports have recently noted that The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, starring Robin Williams and Mila Kunis …

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Hands On: IK Multimedia iRig MIX

A few days ago, I received a package from IK Multimedia and once I opened it, I felt I had gotten just a little bit cooler.  What immediately caught my eye was the iRig™ MIX that I had been drooling over but did not yet have in my possession – I fancy myself an aspiring DJ of sorts so this …

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Getting A Masters Degree and Learning the Entertainment Business

Do you dream of being the next Zuckerberg? Do you think the next social board that sells for millions, like Pinterest, should be one that you designed? If you dream of mastering online entertainment like this, a college education has some surprisingly pertinent resources for you. As the number of accredited online masters degree programs continues to increase, it is …

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