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Bring the Beach Back to College

Hawaii’s entertainment industry relies heavily on the performance of luxurious resorts and heavy traffic to the state’s renowned exotic beaches and island atmosphere. Recently, hospitality professionals in the 50th state have been dealing with various threats to the thriving resort trade. Many companies are seeking new solutions from nontraditional sources, such as students of resort management at Hawaii online universities. …

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How Online Culture Has Butchered the English Language

No language remains static. While various cultures and ideas have prompted English to include new lingo throughout past centuries, however, some linguists express concern regarding the manner in which online culture affects English in the present day. With online college courses now becoming more of an established educational precedent, along with many other offline world institutions being transported online, the …

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Online English Courses and Prevent Boomerang Kids: The Story of the Nest Not Quite Empty

It’s the moment every college student dreams about: walking across that stage to receive the diploma that took years of blood, sweat, and tears to attain. College graduation signals a significant change in a young adult’s life. They must finally put their childish ways behind them to become men and women. Sleeping in until noon and eating ramen for breakfast, …

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The Effects of Social Media in Education: Twitter 101 [infographic]

Are there “best practices” for using Twitter and other social media platforms in our classrooms? That’s the question posed to professor Rey Junco, a college professor and researcher who studies how social media use affects college students. He uses quantitative methods to assess the effects of social media on student development, engagement, and success. The result of that series of …

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Social Media in Education [infographic]

Gone are the days when we were concerned with aging textbooks and a lack of Number 2 pencils for our students. We are now knocking firmly on the door of a fully “connected” and collaborative classroom. With whole school districts giving students iPads and laptops and even smartphones to stay on top of their studies and assignments some may wonder …

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Education Standards Get “Smarter Balanced”


On August 2, 2010, the State Board of Education adopted Common Core State Standards. The Common Core State Standards Initiative was a state-led effort to establish a shared set of clear educational standards for English language arts and mathematics. These standards are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to go to college or enter the …

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Teacher Leader Model Standards Go Online

TheTeacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium has launched a new website to build a peer-to-peer network around the Teacher Leader Model Standards. The website is designed to be both a forum and a resource for teachers to share best practices and stimulate ongoing dialogue about what constitutes the knowledge, skills and competencies that teachers need to assume teacher leadership roles in their …

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Apple Releases iBooks 2, Includes Textbook Support and Free Mac Authoring Tool

Apple released iBooks 2 and iBooks Author (Mac) today. As Gerard speculated in his article, the announcement focused on the iPad based text books and updates to iTunes U. From their press release: “The new iBooks 2 app is available today as a free download from the App Store™. With support for great new features including gorgeous, fullscreen books, interactive …

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Technology On Campus [infographic]

I remember back in the day when I was in college. The best way to make sure you captured all of the professors lecture was to take a mini cassette recorder and try to capture some form of comprehensible recording. That was definitely old school compared to what’s going on these days in classrooms across the globe. Now students have …

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Feeling Micro-Philanthropic?


As the year winds down and the season of giving ramps up many of us look to those around us who may be in need of a helping hand. No matter your motivation; tax write-off, guilty conscience or a natural desire to help others, you should be aware of a website that can put your donated dollars directly into the …

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The Great STEM Shortage in America


Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Majors and educational concentrations we need more students focusing on in the United States. Here’s a great infographic that shows just how bleak the current outlook is for these disciplines. Created by: Online Engineering Degree [image via]

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