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Loic LeMeur Talks at Stanford

One of the coolest tech “big wigs” (in my mind is) is Loic LeMeur. Recently the CEO and founder of Seesmic spent some time talking to an auditorium full of folks at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. The topic of his discussion was the importance of social media for entrepreneurs. Check out the 15 minute video below for …

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Perfect Way To End Black History Month

President Obama recognizes what Historically Black Colleges and Universities mean to America. On February 26, 2010 the President signed an executive order promoting excellence, innovatioin and sustainability at historically black colleges and universities. In summary, This event demonstrates the President’s strong appreciation for the historic role these institutions have played in educating our citizens and the Administration’s commitment to assisting …

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The Internet Turned Into A SitCom

Image via Wikipedia Revision 3 has done something that is, quite frankly, pretty ingenious. They are scanning the web, making and taking submissions for what they’re calling INST MSGS (instant messages). Essentially the idea is to take our conversations that we have every single day through instant messaging and turn them into a fully cast drama series. It’s the soap …

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Cisco Training Courses Revealed

If Cisco training is your aspiration, and you've not yet worked with routers or network switches, you should first attempt CCNA certification. This will provide you with knowledge and skills to work with routers. The internet is made up of hundreds of thousands of routers, and large commercial ventures with many locations also need routers to allow their networks to keep in touch.

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Dr. Cornel West: Book Tour

Arguably one of the most prolific thinkers of the 21st Century, IMHO… Dr. Cornel West is out on the book tour circuit signing copies of his latest manuscript: “Brother West: Living and Loving Out Loud” If you’re in the area, roll out to Barnes and Noble at The Grove Wednesday. Otherwise, you can click on the image above to purchase …

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Anne Frank: The Video

To say this is rare is an incredible understatement. The Anne Frank House museum in Amsterdam has begun airing the only known video of the teenage diarist on a channel dedicated to her on YouTube. “It is really a great platform to show all the different kinds of films and documentaries about Anne Frank,” museum spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker added. The …

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POTUS Speaks About Education

The President gives a speech directly to Americas students welcoming them back to school. He emphasizes their hope and potential but makes clear they will need to take responsibility for themselves and their education to reach that potential. September 8, 2009. I would love your feedback after watching this video » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link

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11 Year Old Interviews Obama

Damon Weaver, an 11 year old student from Florida got the opportunity to sit down, in The White House, with President Barack Obama, and get some further insight on the president’s plans for education. Now, little Damon Weaver is no slouch. For someone at the tender age of 11, he’s done a lot of interviews with top names within local, …

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Undergrads and Credit Cards

After reviewing Sallie Mae’s annual national study of usage rates and trends for credit cards amongst college students, you’ll see that we have a very long way to go before being fiscally sound in this country. We’ve got to get a handle on this and start educating ourselves about debt (not just the young ones heading off to school). I’d …

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No Cussing Week

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors is scheduled to issue a proclamation by Supervisor Michael Antonovich making the first week in March No Cussing Week. Where is this coming from you ask? Well, a 15-year old named McKay Hatch, who is a member of the No Cussing Club out of South Pasadena High School is the brainchild. Hatch …

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Music Education Benefits Children

Music education is sadly neglected by many public schools these days compared to several decades ago when it was firmly entrenched in most elementary and middle school curriculum. Other subjects are considered more important areas of interest, like Math, science, Geography, English, or computers. Many parents opt for private music lessons for their children as the schools will not offer music, and it can be expensive paying for private lessons.

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