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The Future of Mobility [Infographic]

What does the future hold for cellphone users? With five billion mobile phones in the world, 80% of the world’s population now owns a cellphone. Forty-five percent of Americans are so dependent on  cell phones that they said they couldn’t go even a few hours without checking their phones. For a world so addicted to mobile technology, what does the …

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Facts on Becoming a Successful Handyman

A person who is considering the occupation of handyman may have a lot of questions about this line of work. The following looks at the job responsibilities of a handyman, the character traits that help a person to succeed in this occupation, and the benefits of this career along with other pertinent details. What is a Handyman? The general definition …

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The Post-PC Revolution [Infographic]

Computer users are going mobile with the availability of smartphones and tablets. There are currently more than 1.038 billion smartphones in use and media tablet sales reached 118.9 million in 2012. Tablet sales are estimated to reach 369.2 million by 2016. With 1 out of every 6.7 people in the world carrying a smartphone in their pocket, it’s no wonder …

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Shop ‘til you drop in L.A.

Image by kla4067 L.A. sprawls across a wide geographical area, but if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, you can find just about everything under the sun here! I was in L.A. over Christmas last year and quite frankly was already shopped-out after getting my Christmas shopping done early back in the UK. Still, there were some stores that …

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Yes Wii Can…For Haiti

[summarized via Eventbrite] I’m loving this story and this idea. A hospitality management major at Cal State—East Bay, Kaity McGrath opened the winter quarter with an open-ended assignment: conceive and organize a successful event. And initially, she says, she and her classmates were brainstorming along standard lines. A fundraiser for a natural disaster was certainly the farthest thing from their …

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Danica Patrick Launching Fragrance

SA Fragrances, an innovator in the fragrance industry recently announced the signing of a global licensing agreement with sports and beauty icon Danica Patrick, to develop and market a Danica Patrick fragrance line. Danica Patrick for Her … will pre-launch in February and make its retail debut in the spring of 2010. The new fragrance is being developed to reflect …

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That LA Public Transportation Is Brutal

Holy smokes ! This isn’t the first video I’ve posted about absolute craziness happening on the local transportation in the Los Angeles area (and I can almost guarantee it won’t be the last). Here we have an extremely large…lady of the streets talking with a mother and her children on the train. Next thing you know she starts rambling on about her …

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