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Chris Rock 0

Black History Month – Day 7 Spotlight: Chris Rock We wish Chris Rock a Happy Birthday on this 7th day of February. You know him as the wildly popular comedian,

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Arthur Ashe 2

Black History Month – Day 6 Spotlight: Arthur Ashe Arthur Ashe – my real life cousin ! But that’s not the reason he’s our spotlight, he’s here, on this day

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Mike Tomlin 0

Black History Month – Day 5 Spotlight: Mike Tomlin Disclaimer: I’m cheering for the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV (that has a little to do with why Tomlin is our

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Rosa Parks 0

Black History Month – Day 4 Spotlight: Rosa Parks It’s quite fitting to have Ms. Parks as the spotlight on this day since – today is her birthday. Background Rosa

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Nelson Mandela 0

Black History Month – Day 3 Spotlight: Nelson Mandela – release from prison Who Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born 18 July 1918 and served as President of South Africa from

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Blogging While Brown 0

Black History Month – Day 2 Spotlight: Blogging While Brown Blogging While Brown is an international conference for, by, and about Bloggers of Color and the readers who love and

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