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How to get the Most out of the iPhone 6 Plus

While the hype over the iPhone 6 Plus has settled a bit, there is still plenty to be excited about. The new 5.5-inch smartphone is giving Apple’s bottom line a much-needed boost and is partnering with one of the country’s largest mobile communications giants to give customers what they want in a ca A pair of recent surveys states that …

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Serena + Beats by Dre = Serious Motivation

This is quite possibly THE most motivating advertisement I’ve seen in a long time. If you know the story of Serena and Venus, know anything about what it takes to compete at the highest levels, then you understand training and preparation. BTW, you like that music track in the background? That’s 2 Chainz, Black Unicorn (iTunes Link).

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Apple Bingo Card

Here’s my BINGO card for the Apple event on September 9th. Play along with me – let’s see who wins. Our technology writers will be following the livestream of the announcements direct from the Apple website. Afterwards we (along with every other publication on the planet) will dissect all that Tim, Jony, Phil and Dr. Dre tell us about the …

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iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite for Users

Apple introduced a slew of new features for iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite that will please consumers. Some of the new features are subtle changes to previous versions of iOS and OS X, but there are some mighty changes. Let’s start with iOS 8. iOS 8 iOS 8 builds on the visual changes that Apple released with iOS …

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Hands on: FlyGrip Gravity

I spent last weekend with the FlyGrip Gravity and since I have my phone in my hand or in my pocket 90% of the time, we spent some quality time together.  Take a look below to check my thoughts on the improvements over the previously reviewed model. First off, here’s how their website describes the product… “Flygrip Gravity is the …

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Hands On: Carson LensMag™ for iPhone 5

The Carson LensMag™ magnifiers are very easy to use macro lenses that attach to the iPhone 5. They attach magnetically and add either 10x or 15x magnifying power to your camera (Yes, the pack comes with 2 lenses).  The only downside is that you have to remove your case.  It’s not a big deal but if your case is hard …

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5 Reasons Not to Believe in a Blackberry Comeback

Oh Blackberry… Once a pioneer of wireless email and the innovator of instant messaging services, it used to be the pride and glory of every self-respecting business person, before it found its way into our bad books – and stayed there for what seemed like forever. Now Research in Motion (RIM) are prepared to make up for our suffering and …

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How Web Entreprenuers Can Use Mobile Podcasts

podcasting and entrepreneurs

Ever since Apple came out with the iPod some years ago, podcasting has gone through the roof in popularity. And because of this new found growth in popularity, many different segments of the population have adapted use of this clever marketing technique. From the obvious (musicians) to the not so obvious (small business owners) – there are a variety of …

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3D printing popularity grows

Over the last week, I’ve seen several stories cross my desk regarding the 3D printing world and I wonder if we’re reaching a tipping point where 3D printed objects become commonplace and more people take advantage of the tremendous possibilities. One recent story was from Sculpteo – for the early adopters and those who fill their homes with the latest …

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