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15 Minute App Review – algoriddim vjay

I had a chance to try out the algroriddim app, vjay, this week.  I used their djay app already (the free version) and have been impressed with some of the cool features so I was really excited to try out vjay.   It’s a unique application that allows you to mix videos like you would music on a DJ application.  Unique …

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TechByte: Updated Pinterest App Supports iPad

Following hot on the heels of their recent announcement allowing for open registration, Pinterest released a much needed update to their suite of apps. The main features for iOS are: An actual iPad interface (vs using the 2x button) Web browsing from within the application on the iPad Stackable view on the iPad- this allows for multiple virtual “windows” in …

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3 Flipboard Alternatives

Friday night Mother Nature decided we all should live analog lives and find alternate means of collecting our news. Granted we have TV and radio but we are married to our phones and tablets. So in protest, Mother Nature decided to Occupy Flipboard and thus you have The Great Social News Outage of the Moment. So in keeping with having …

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Apple Releases ‘Podcasts’ App

Discover, Subscribe and Play your favorite podcasts on your iDevice. That’s how Apple is pitching their very own Podcasts app, which was released today in the App Store. The list of features reads as follows: Enjoy all of your audio and video podcasts in a single app Explore hundreds of thousands of podcasts including shows in over 40 languages Try …

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5by5 Radio App Review

I, like many others listen to a bunch of podcasts. I generally listen to podcasts from two podcast networks, TWiT.tv and 5by5. The areas of interest range from Android, Macs, and Windows to programming, Getting things done, and just current technology news. Since most of these podcasts are recorded during the week I am at work. Sometimes I am able …

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Ugly Meter App Tells You How Attractive You Are

In a world obsessed with physical vanity and looking attractive, here comes an app that claims to rate just how ugly you are. The app, Ugly Meter uses the front-facing camera on your iPhone to analyze how properly proportioned your facial features are – such as, are your eyes too close, is your nose too big, are your lips shaped …

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15 Minute App Review: Disc Drivin’

Disc Drivin’ – by Pixelocity Software is a fun asynchronous (turn based) game you can play with friends over the internet, locally, or with random opponents on the net.  With the local option you can either Pass and Play or race over wi-fi or Bluetooth. The basic premise is that you are racing a disc and during each turn you …

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my facecard: The Social Contact Card for iPhone

my facecard is an iPhone app that has just launched that looks to bring digital contact cards to, “better suit the needs of an increasingly social, mobile and web-based world.” The app brings with it integration with traditional business card information (name, address, phone, etc.) and also social network profile links including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr and Blogger, on …

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IBM iPad App Highlights The ‘History of Math’

To celebrate the history of math and its impact on the world, IBM has released Minds of Modern Mathematics, an iPad app that re-imagines a classic 50-foot infographic on the history of math created by husband-and-wife design team Charles and Ray Eames and displayed at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. The app is a vintage-meets-digital experience for …

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