Norway flag

5 Interesting Facts about the Norwegian Language

A surprising fact about the Norwegian language is that it’s considered as one of the easiest languages for the English native speakers. It’s hard to believe it really is so since the Norwegian language is usually not on the list, when you’re thinking about the potential course to take or ordering a paper from an essay writing service But …

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trailer truck

5 Ways To Search For the Perfect New Truck Or Trailer

When it comes to trucks and trailers, it means that you’re looking for a vehicle that’s capable of doing some work. This could be on a personal level, where you just need a vehicle that’s heavy duty enough to lug some equipment around or navigate some rough terrain, or it could be on a professional level, and you’re looking for …

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zheroes cover

Gaming: ZHEROES, a first look

Today we’re taking a look at an indie game – ZHEROES, ( from Rimlight Studios.  The game is available for XBox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) for $14.99.  We have been playing the Steam version using an XBOX controller for a number of hours with both main characters on both the easy and medium difficulty settings.  At this point, we’ve …

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Flint Michigan water

The Timeline of the Flint Water Crisis

There has been plenty of national coverage about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Many people do not realize the reasons Flint is going through such a nightmare. The timeline below illuminates the decisions of those in local government as well as the major events that proceeded the crisis. The Flint Water Crisis Timeline of Events – An infographic by …

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Suitable For Surgery: 4 Things to Know in Preparation for Surgery

With over 50 million inpatient surgeries being performed each year in America, it’s not surprising that you may find yourself preparing to “go under the knife.” Many surgeries are simply routine operations, that do not present a high-risk of complication or danger. Delaying necessary surgeries could result in a potential worsening of condition and lessening of resolve. Before you are …

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global sem snip

Machines Are Not Taking Your Job

Are machines taking over all our jobs?  Well, that’s not likely.  Artificial intelligence may be capable of beating a human in chess, but at this point someone still had to program the artificial intelligence with the right moves to do so.  In short, computers are only as smart as we tell them to be and they are only capable of …

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healthy food fig

Four Strange Foods To Add To Your Diet

When it comes to eating eating your fruits and vegetables, it’s like you have some certain standbys that you buy each time you go to the store, like lettuce and oranges. When was the last time you tried something different, like a hairy little fruit that has a taste that resembles strawberries. Or, some weird hybrid of two other fruits …

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Tips To Not Get Burnt While Buying Used Cars Online

There are a lot of online dealers who buy used cars today. People no longer depend only on brick and mortar car dealers. With online sites, comparing cars has been child’s play. You can check specification, learn about customer reviews and surf all kinds of cars, within shortest time possible. This does not mean that buying a used car online …

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Sex Addiction Is No Laughing Matter

When Tiger Woods got caught with his pants around his ankles, so to speak, the world up roared in laughter over reports that he was a sex addict. However, as funny as it may seem to someone that has never had any kind of an addiction problem, no addiction is a laughing matter. In fact, sex addiction can lead to …

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