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6 Tips For Surviving Your Neighbors Home Renovation

Home renovations in your neighborhood can increase property values and make the area a more desirable place to live. However, these benefits don’t come about until the project is finished, and you may face some serious disturbances in the interim. If your neighbor is planning a home renovation, it’s important to plan and act wisely to help the project go …

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pro gaming

Mobile Gaming vs. Console Gaming – The Great Battle of Our Age

The gaming industry is one of the biggest and most powerful in the world. And these days it has evolved into a multi-platform industry. PC gaming is still hugely popular, but the two most common forms are mobile gaming and console gaming. Some people do one or the other, but a lot of people choose to do both these days. …

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What You Need to Know About Sentencing Reform

Lawmakers and policy leaders are looking for creative solutions to persistent federal and state prison overcrowding. They have come up with reforms for federal mandatory sentencing laws, a critical effort that all citizens should understand – especially those pursuing their degrees in criminology and criminal justice. Here’s what you need to know: Portland State University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology …

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How Modern Computers are changing with New Technologies

The computer industry as we know it has been drastically changing due to technological advancements that improve daily. From more complex processors to enhanced display graphics, computers have adapted these technologies to produce more eloquent user experiences. What are some other new adaptations changing the way we compute? Data Storage Information storage is paramount in computers, and we have seen …

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August, 2016

  • 20 August

    Podcasts WORTH Listening To


    Here is my definitive list of podcasts worthy of your time. I subscribe to them and listen weekly. Each podcast on this list gives the listener entertainment, education and insight. In other words their GOOD and are an effective usage of your valuable time. Check them out. If you have a podcast that you think should be on this list leave …

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  • 19 August

    Hands On: STM Trestle

    STM Trestle review cover2.psd

    Initially, I found the STM backpack review to be somewhat of a challenge mainly because i wanted to put it through some real world paces before I committed to an opinion one way or another.  It’s one thing to pack it up, place it on your back and say, “hey, that worked” or “no, it didn’t work” but that’s too easy. …

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  • 18 August

    How Much Do You Really Know About Gun Laws? [Infographic]

    federal-charges-guns snip

    If you had to guess which states had the strictest gun laws, would you know off the top of your head? Gun laws are extremely complicated in the United States, and they vary from state to state and from city to city. Some laws are Federal, though even those can be confusing. For starters, even though the Second Amendment guarantees …

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  • 15 August

    Sensational (And Hilarious) Moments In Golfing History


    Those golfers you see strutting down the courses of the PGA Championship look so professional. Everything is so cool, calm and collected. And yet, golf has been a sport marked by sudden outbursts of hilarity. When things get funny in golf, they get hysterical. Lee Trevino And The Rubber Snake It was the 1971 US Open playoff. Two of the …

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  • 13 August

    The Survivalist Guide To Tornadoes – an Infographic


    In 1925, a tornado ripped through Missouri, Illinois and Indiana, with touchdowns also in Tennessee and Kentucky, wreaking havoc and leaving a slew of fatalities behind with estimates ranging from 695 to 747. The hail that fell from the sky was said to measure upwards of 4.5 inches in diameter, packing a detrimental punch to anything with which it came …

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