October, 2015

  • 12 October

    Using Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


    Advertise Here Disabled drivers may have specific concerns as compared to other drivers, but that shouldn’t stop a person from driving. If you’re disabled and wish to drive, the first step you may need to take is to be officially recognized as disabled by the state in which you live. Once you have done this, you might be required to have hand …

  • 11 October

    Social Media Marketing

    social media

    With the meteoric rise of Internet culture and the pervasiveness of this tool in the daily lives of individuals, it only makes sense that businesses must follow suit in order to be successful. These days, almost everyone expects to be able to have everything within reach after a few keystrokes on their choice of search engine. At the center of …

  • 8 October

    Eek! It’s American Halloween in 2015 [Infographic]


    Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes fake blood and candy corn. But the biggest Halloween treat may be cash—$6.9 Billion, to be exact. The holiday is on track to be the second largest holiday of the year. There are plenty of ghoulish haunted houses and attraction across the country, raking in around $300-500 million each year. …

  • 8 October

    Why You Shouldn’t Count Out Snail Mail [Infographic]


    Opening the mailbox and seeing it full of something, anything, is still an exciting feeling for most people. Yet direct mail may seem like an old fashioned way to engage consumers compared to email-based digital marketing. The stigma against the established marketing tool shouldn’t extend to its effectiveness. Direct mail enjoys a much higher response rate than digital marketing, around …

  • 5 October

    Japanese Gamer Accidentally Burns House Down


    Kids – don’t play with fire! Especially while livestreaming and while smoking a cigarette and while playing with lighter fluid. Here’s the backstory Having filled a metal match box lighter with lighter fluid while he’s live-streaming on Twitch, this Japanese man strikes a match against the box, which immediately goes up in flames in his fingers. As he’s trying to …

  • 2 October

    A Bun In The Oven…


    With the backstory that’s associated, THIS is probably the greatest pregnancy announcement I’ve seen in a long time. Happy day! This Pregnancy Announcement Caused A Dad-To-Be To Weep Uncontrollably (via BuzzFeed News) Posted by BuzzFeed on Thursday, October 1, 2015 » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link | Banner Ad

  • 2 October

    Rearranging Living Arrangements [Infographic]


    People are living with their parents longer these days than they were 40 years ago.  There are a lot of reasons for this, and probably the biggest of them is financial.  Millennials are graduating college with massive debt, unable to find jobs that pay well enough for both rent and loan repayment, so back to mom and dad’s house they …

  • 1 October

    Do You Need An Online Storefront? [Infographic]


    There was a time when people thought online businesses were a joke.  Now we live in an era with online grocery sales and drone delivery.  What changed?  People started to understand the convenience of ordering things online, and as they became more comfortable with the process they started ordering everything online.  Would you rather drive from store to store getting …

September, 2015

  • 30 September

    The Galaxy Note5 and iPhone 6s Plus Go Head to Head


    As we head into the last quarter of 2015, it’s time to look back at the year in tech and take note of the best products and gear for staying connected. For smartphone users looking for the latest and greatest mobile device, 2015 really came down to two options: the Galaxy Note5 and the iPhone 6s Plus. In past years, …

  • 29 September

    Tesla – 620 Miles On A Single Charge AND Fully Autonomous – DONE!


    Elon Musk sat down for an interview in Denmark on how sustainable transport will change the future and revealed a few developmental details about upcoming Tesla models. Musk said that the Tesla Model S will “break the 1,000 kilometer [just over 620 miles]” mark within “a year or two,” and “2017 for sure.” When asked about Tesla making a self-driving …

  • 29 September

    Managed IT Services Houston for the Support You Need

    If you own and operate a small business the odds are pretty good that you may not have an IT staff of your own to work with you and assist with your computer needs. Even if you do have IT help you may only have one person on staff to handle the entire company, stretching that employee’s resources and abilities …

  • 29 September

    When Betting It All Pays Off [Infographic]


    Imagine for a moment you’re running a delivery service.  You know if you can just get it off the ground and keep it there, it will do well.  The world needs this delivery service, but you can’t pay your fuel bill.  You take your last $5000 to Las Vegas, where you furiously play blackjack all night long until you win …

  • 28 September

    Cool Giveaway! You Could Win 1 of 3 Premium ThemeFuse WordPress Themes!


    You’re probably already familiar with ThemeFuse. They’ve really earned their reputation for creating the very best WordPress themes in the business. And now they’re sharing 3 of those amazing themes with 3 of our lucky readers! If you use WordPress for your blog or site or you’re considering starting a WordPress site, you’ll want to participate in this giveaway. Nothing …

  • 23 September

    3 Ways Technology is Changing The Way We Do Laundry


      It’s hard to imagine that people used to do laundry by slapping clothes against riverbed rocks. Then again, in a couple hundred years, people might find it astounding that so many of us currently rely on simple washers and dryers. Here are three ways technology is taking us from standard machines to the future of laundry. 1. Where We’re …

  • 23 September

    5 Tips to Help Your New Mattress Last Longer


    If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you want something that is both comfortable and durable. Comfort is easy; durability isn’t. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of five things that will help your new mattress last longer. You already have to spend a big chunk of money — it just makes sense to extend the …

  • 22 September

    Louis Vuitton Purses Look as Good as the Originals


    When you think of the brand of Louis Vuitton, the first thing that may come to mind is that the items from this fashion house are designed only for the rich and famous. While it is true that you may often see celebrities, models, actresses, dignitaries and the very rich wearing Louis Vuitton clothing or carrying accessories by the designer, …

  • 17 September

    Retail Wins with Gamification

    Gamification reaps big wins for retail

    Shopping today is undergoing a revolution. More and more, retailers are integrating gaming principles with technology to maximize the shopping experience in the physical store and on online retail websites and applications. For those unfamiliar with the term gamification, it is, simply put, implementing gaming concepts such as rewards, challenges, levels and competition, within a context that does not innately …

  • 17 September

    Single Chamber Grinders


    Using a single chamber grinder to prepare herbs before smoking or vaporizing supplies have more benefits over breaking them down by hand or with scissors. Herbs that have been prepared in a grinder are consistently better tasting, smelling and looking due to the uniform separation of their material. The herbs also maintain a higher level of potency due to a greater …

  • 13 September

    Shawn Achor: The Happiness Advantage

    shawn achor

    We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity. Who is Shawn Achor? [blockquote right=”pull-right”]”normal is merely average…”[/blockquote] Shawn Achor is the CEO of Good Think Inc., a Cambridge-based consulting firm which researches positive outliers — people who are well …

  • 13 September

    Average Salary in Sacramento, California

    Jobs and Careers

    For the capital of California, I thought this data would be interesting to share with our readers. Check out the following infographic and see if your position and salary are in alignment with the perceived “averages” Source | Sacramento Business Journal » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link | Banner Ad

  • 11 September

    Meet Valravn, the “Raven of the Slain” Rollercoaster at Cedar Point


    Let’s start with the basic facts. This thing has a 90 degree drop from 223 feet high. That’s really all you need to know… Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio is the place to experience this exhilarating ride. I recommend you be sitting down even just watching this – hell, I got vertigo after seeing this myself. h/t someecards.com   …

  • 11 September

    Pedestrian Safety Is A Lifesaving Lesson [Infographic]

    safe kids snip 2

    Most parents do a pretty good job teaching their kids about safety, but when it comes to pedestrian safety there are just too many rules for most people to remember.  As a result, 44 kids on average are hit by cars in America every day.  Teaching kids to look both ways before crossing the street is pretty common, but there …

  • 10 September

    9 Tips for Starting Your Own Business


    If you’re ready to be your own boss, starting a business can be a great way to escape the daily grind and chase your passion. If you don’t have any experience in running a company, however, you might find it more challenging than you expected from your fantasies inside your cubicle. If you want to start your own business and …

  • 10 September

    How Likely Are You To Make It To The Superbowl? [Infographic]


    Before you quit your job to try out for the NFL, take a look at the odds.  They are truly stacked up against you.  Did you know you’re more likely to become a member of MENSA than to make it to the NFL?  When you consider how unlikely it is to even get into the NFL, it gives you a …

  • 7 September

    Durrington Walls super-henge


    I LOVE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY!! The remains of a major new prehistoric stone monument have been discovered less than 3 kilometres from Stonehenge. Using cutting edge, multi-sensor technologies the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project has revealed evidence for a large stone monument hidden beneath the bank of the later Durrington Walls ‘super-henge’. The findings were announced on the first day of …