toilet paper

The Toilet Paper Black Market In Venezuela

Have you heard of the black market for toilet paper? It’s a real thing and it’s happening right now in Venezuela. Venezuela’s economy is almost entirely dependant on oil exports, and oil prices have fallen worldwide in recent years, leaving Venezuela without a strong source of income. What’s compounding the problem, though, is that the government is so corrupt it …

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Why Hiring New Staff Costs You More Than You Think

Taking the plunge and expanding your business is a tough decision for anyone. But if we’re going to make our businesses successful, it’s imperative that we take on new colleagues. There’s just one problem: hiring new employees is expensive. It’s not just their wages you have to consider. It’s all the other associated costs of employment. Here are some of …

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The Upside Of Drinking [Infographic]

It seems there’s always some new study coming out about whether alcohol is, in fact, good for you. There is evidence on both sides. On the one hand alcohol is involved in a lot of traffic fatalities- 31% of all traffic fatalities are linked to drunk driving. But responsible alcohol use has been shown repeatedly to be very good for …

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college car

Little Ways to Put Aside Money For A Car

A car is the first big purchase that anybody is going to have in their life. It usually comes around the age of 16 when you get your driver’s license and your parents are sick of driving you to and from school and your job. More often than not, people start with a beater of some sort. That means the …

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Gaming: The Detail episodes 1-3

Just in time for the long weekend, here’s a game review for a game ON SALE (steam) through July 4, 2016.  Not an affiliate link, just go enjoy.  Seriously, even if you don’t really like it… it’s less than 6 dollars right now… generally less than a fast food meal and a few cents more than a Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready® …

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road trip

Summer Road Trip Must-Haves

If a good old summer road trip is in the near future, there a few items you’ll want to bring to ensure the best time ever. Pack your bags with this list of must-haves and pave your way to summer fun on the road.   Sunglasses Drive with the top down and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, but …

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