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Mistakes To Avoid On Your Road Trip


You don’t need me to tell you how great road trips are. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already planned yours. The open road is beautiful enough, but coupling that with the excitement of visiting new places, whether they might be cities you’ve always admired in films, towns with quaint sights or majestic landmarks on the other side of the …

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Traveling to Seattle this Summer


Summer in Seattle? Lucky you – experience the Emerald City, the jewel of the Pacific Northwest. There are too many things to list that need to be seen, but some of the must see summer attractions in Seattle are… Capitol Hill Block Party The Capitol Hill Block Party is a 3-day, July 21- 23,  music and arts festival that celebrates …

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Visiting Svalbard

Svalbard | ShutterBird Production

Svalbard is an otherworldly location deep within the Arctic Circle. The beautiful fjords, icy landscapes, and plentiful wildlife make Svalbard a must see attraction for anyone, no matter your age. Svalbard Svalbard is an archipelago, of which the largest island is Spitsbergen, halfway between Norway and the North Pole. Longyearbyen is the largest town in Svalbard, located on Spitsbergen, and …

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3 Cool Ways You Can Embrace Art On A Cruise Ship

cruise ship

Cruise life is an adventure like none other. The cruise ships want to create experiences that are unparalleled for their guests, so this means that the opportunity to embrace anything from exotic food to entertainment, to relaxing activities, to sporting activities, to art are pretty much endless. If you want to something, there is probably a large opportunity for that …

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5 Goals For Your 30th Birthday


Your 30th year is a turning point.  This age marks the official transition between your early years where you’re allowed to get away with more mistakes, experimentation, and overall less responsibility. It’s important to set up important building blocks for yourself along the way so that by the time you reach 30 you are ready to start your life as …

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A Day at Naples Zoo Caribbean Gardens


When visiting the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, there is so much to see and do. There are exotic plants and mature trees that surround the animals in this tropical garden which was founded back in 1919. Fifty years prior to the animals being introduced, the botanical collection was planted. Due to the very special need for space conservation, visitors …

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Little Ways to Put Aside Money For A Car

A car is the first big purchase that anybody is going to have in their life. It usually comes around the age of 16 when you get your driver’s license and your parents are sick of driving you to and from school and your job. More often than not, people start with a beater of some sort. That means the …

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Your Guide to a Weekend in New York City

New York skyline

When you only have one weekend to spend somewhere, taking it all in can be daunting. New York City will always be one of the most popular places to visit in the US. But most people choose to stay more than a couple of days. If you only have a weekend in the city, out of choice or necessity, you …

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5 Tips for a Stress-Free Move to San Diego

Ah, San Diego. The beaches. The mountains. Balboa Park. The gateway to Baja California and Mexico. And (nearly) perfect weather, year-round. What’s not to like? Well, ask residents and they might tell you “traffic” and “cost of living,” but all in all, there are worse places to settle down. But moving to San Diego, particularly if you’ve never been or …

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Five Tips On Keeping Your Car In Shape

Most people don’t really know much about their vehicles. They take them to the shop when they make a strange noise and they get oil changes when they are recommended, but they don’t pay much attention to the inner working of their vehicle.. That’s fine, but it helps to know how your vehicle runs. By knowing a little more about …

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