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Archery: A Brilliant Sport with a Wonderful Tradition

The early history of archery centers on its use in battle. Before the English longbow, archery was considered a military occupation for the lower classes. Bows and arrows were cheap to make and the training was short and easy. Before the longbow, armies used the archer in battle much like artillery, with massed flights of arrows and little precision in …

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Build Yourself a Trophy Room

Sportsmen are modern day gladiators, and they should most certainly treat themselves as such. No gladiator is complete without a trophy room designed to hold all of his or her greatest achievements on the battlefield of dreams, and below are six concrete reasons why building a trophy room is a great idea. 6. It’s personal. Some people keep scrapbooks to …

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Five Alternative Careers in Golf

You do not have to be a professional golfer to enjoy a career in golf. According to the National University Golf Academy, there are now 32,000 golf courses in 119 countries across the globe, 19,000 of them in North America. The golf industry generates more than $75 billion in annual income. At least 25 million people enjoy this game each …

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Football and Television

Sixty-four percent of adults in the U.S. watch the NFL. While technology has afforded us with numerous ways to watch not only sporting events, but television shows and movies as well, sixty-percent of those who watch the NFL games say they are watching it on TV. The invention of the DVR has given many of us the freedom to watch …

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Gillette Debates NFL Awesomeness

The makers of the new Fusion razor, Gillette, want to hear your arguments. For years NFL fans have fought tooth and nail over their beliefs. Now, thanks to Gillette, these debates can be solved in an appropriate forum: their Facebook page. Better still, these debates come with an epic reward. The winner – the best debater – chosen by none other …

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NFL Week 17 – Predictions

Sadly, this is the last weekend of the NFL regular season – I’ve enjoyed the ride and I hope you did too.  Weekly coverage will resume next football season but we still have one more week left.   BUF over NYJ – Whatever is going on with the Jets better get worked out during the off season.  They are a …

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