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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt mulls swapping sprint for long jump in Rio

Usain Bolt mulls swapping sprint for long jump in Rio (via AFP) Jamaica’s Usain Bolt has said he is considering switching sprinting for long jump before the 2016 Rio Olympics. The world’s fastest man, who claimed three gold medals at the London Olympics, dismissed rumours that he may retire before Rio but said he may compete in different events in …

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Olympics Rings

London 2012 Closing Ceremony Flag Bearers

If you want to know who is carrying the flag for their respective country during tonight’s closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Summer Olympics – we’ve got that massive list for you! After the ceremonies we’ll be recapping the entire Games and providing our insight, but in the mean time – what were your favorite and least favorite moments? London_2012_Closing_Ceremony-Flag_Bearers …

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Bradley Wiggins

Olympic Profile: Bradley Wiggins

The world is in the grip of Olympic fever and there are some Olympian names that you can not have missed in the media coverage. One such name is Bradley Wiggins, Gold winning cyclist for Team GB. With his huge side burns, childish grin and laid back sense of humour, he doesn’t initially strike you as Britain’s finest, most successful athlete, but that he is. This article gives …

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Call Me Maybe – USA Swimming Style

I, as nearly all of the sport loving community in the USA have quickly fallen in love with NUMEROUS members of the the Team USA Swimming Team. If we’re not cheering for the competition between Michael Phelps and RyanLochte, or the awesomeness of Natalie Couglin, Rebecca Soni, and Allison Schmitt, then we’re following Missy “the Missle” Franklin (not sure if she’s going to …

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Kayla Harrison wins first judo gold for America

Harrison wins first judo gold for America (via AFP) Kayla Harrison made history by winning the first ever Olympic gold medal in judo for the United States as she claimed the women’s under-78kg title here on Thursday. The 2010 world champion beat shock finalist Gemma Gibbons of Great Britain by a pair of minimum yuko scores. Harrison, who had been …

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Royal silver for Team GB in eventing

Royal silver for Team GB in eventing (via AFP) Britain grabbed silver in the equestrian three-day eventing team competition on Tuesday, making Zara Phillips the first member of the British royal family to win an Olympic medal. Her mother Princess Anne, who was in the crowds watching, competed in the 1976 Games in equestrian eventing but came away… New Zealand, …

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Olympic Profile Update – Nick Delpopolo

Today, INFOtainment News profiled athlete, Nick Delpopolo competed in judo in the London Olympics.  Here are the results as reported by Jason Morris of the Jason Morris Judo Center. London, England – 2007 Burnt Hills High School graduate, Nick Delpopolo (23) from the Jason Morris Judo Center placed seventh in the 73kg division at the XXX Olympiad in London. This was …

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Top Tweets From London 2012 Olympics

London 2012 top tweets (via AFP) Top tweets at the Olympics on Monday: @judmoo “Russian team tennis kit. I’m thinking raspberry ripple. Hoping @TursunovTales will be wearing this v Deliciano tmrw. X” – Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray, commenting on the Russians’ garish kit — and looking forward to continuing her crush on Spanish… marksman gagan narang, pair lucky oakley, …

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IOC Releases Social Media Guidelines For London 2012 Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has released a document entitled as the Social Media, Blogging and Internet Guidelines for participants and other accredited persons at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Very formal, very thorough, and somewhat groundbreaking for a governing body to be so specific about what is allowed and what is not allowed  in regards to speaking about the Olympic …

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London 2012 Olympics

A Virtual Visit to The London Olympics

A Virtual Visit to The London Olympics (via Tales Told From The Road) The 2012 Summer Olympics kicks off next Friday, July 27th. If you can’t afford a plane ticket to London, and won’t be near a TV set from then until the games end on Sunday, August 12th, you can still be a virtual visitor to the games, thanks …

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Team USA Olympic Profiles [a retrospective]

Over the last two months, we at INFOtainment News have brought you stories from athletes and sports that typically do not garner the attention grabbing headlines. Since we began, some of our athletes have risen in stature and awareness and thanks to social media, many of them have been able to correspond with you directly. Team USA has 530 athletes and …

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London 2012 Olympics

Getting Into The Olympics Spirit

As we get closer to the Opening Ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympic Games I thought we’d share with you some of the most talked about ads, both across television and the Social InterWeb. Listed in no particular order, because to me, they’re all equally great. But I’d still love to get your opinion on which of these ads is …

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Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan’s Tattoo

I’ve been asked a few times lately about one of our most globally known athletes, Alex Morgan. I have NO problem talking about Alex, so keep the questions coming…but all everyone seems to be asking is “what does her tattoo mean”? So, I felt it my editorial duty to explain. The tattoo is of the word “thirteen” From Alex’s profile …

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London 2012 Olympics

US team gets high-tech help to reach London

US team gets high-tech help to reach London (via AFP) Advances in technology will allow US athletes to have their coaches examine their pre-Olympic workouts even if those coaches cannot make the trip to England for the Games next month. And the day might soon be here where coaches can download video of an athlete’s Olympic leap or throw into …

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Title IX

Nike Helps Us Celebrate Women [Title IX]

Title IX is a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972, Public Law No. 92-318, 86 Stat. 235 (June 23, 1972), codified at 20 U.S.C. sections 1681 through 1688, U.S. legislation also identified by the name of its principal author as the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act. It states (in part) that No person in the United …

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1992 Barcelona Olympic Torch

Twenty years on, Barcelona Olympic venues defy crisis

Twenty years on, Barcelona Olympic venues defy crisis (via AFP) Twenty years after the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the massive venues built for the Games continue to host major events, from swim meets to concerts, even if they have had to slash their fees to face Spain’s economic crisis. The Games were a catalyst for the regeneration of industrial areas and …

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Olympic Profile: Joseph Diaz, Jr.

In a world of “How-To” YouTube has become an invaluable asset. Whether you want to learn plumbing secrets, how to beat a video game, or best practices in applying makeup, YouTube can show you the way. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Olympic boxer Joseph Diaz, Jr. first learned the basics of his craft from, you guessed it, YouTube. …

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