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The Modern Footballer: Sportsman or Specimen?


The footballers that we watch from the terraces or on the television today are nothing like the players of as little as ten years ago. Today you have highly-tuned athletes that spend hours after games warming down and in ice baths, when the “old school” footballers used to unwind with a few beers in a team bath after the game …

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Will Soccer Become the Next Big Sport in the United States?


When Americans say they’re going to the big game, it’s safe to assume they don’t mean a soccer match – or is it? Soccer (or football, as it’s referred to in Europe) is steadily increasing its viewership in the United States; just as an example, the ratings for the 2012 European Championship rose 63 percent compared with ratings from four …

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Training for the London Marathon


If you’ve taken the plunge and signed yourself up for a spot in the London Marathon, firstly: congratulations! But once all the excitement and anticipation has died down, you need to think about your training regime. It’s not going to be an easy task, especially if you’ve never run long distance before, but if you put the right measures in …

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What’s Manny Ramirez Doing Now?


[is-gateway name=”HicksNewMedia” id=”INFOtainmentNews”]Manny has had his share of ups and downs in the public life (mainly downs), he’s definitely not on my list of favorite athletes. Which is why it was kinda gratifying to see his latest actions while playing baseball in Taiwan. H/T Busted Coverage Image | Source

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Woman appointed to the board at Ospreys Rugby club


In a first for Welsh rugby, Llandarcy Park (Ospreys) Ltd., the holding company of Ospreys Rugby, has appointed a woman to the board in the capacity of non-executive director. Neath-born Debra Williams is the first woman to have a director’s role in Welsh rugby and is among the first in Britain. Commenting on her appointment, Ms Williams, formerly the managing …

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The 5 Best Dunker’s Ever to Play in the NBA


There is no more exciting play in basketball than the slam dunk. While a big three-point shot can be exciting, nothing brings the crowd to its feet like a rim-rattling dunk. There have been numerous amazing dunkers in the NBA, men whose ability to fly through the air seemed to defy the laws of physics. Though it is a tough task …

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Planning for the 2013-14 Season


The 2012/13 season might not quite be over for the top professional clubs, but for many amateur sides this season has just come to an end and you might be wondering how you’re going to fill those long summer days without training sessions or the excitement of match day. Sure, kickabouts in the park with your friends might help you …

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Coach Rick Pitino Gets His Tattoo


He said he would. After winning the 2013 NCAA championship, Louisville coach Rick Pitino came through on this promise to his team and recently got his very own ink. Coach wasn’t fearing the pain of the needlework. When asked, Pitino stated… “It wasn’t even close to the pain I had with kidney stones,” Pitino said. “That was like an ‘A’ …

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Bostonians Bounce Back


Normally I would say it would be rude for a crowd to drown out the National Anthem at a sporting event (do you hear me Mexico City soccer fans).  However I found myself choking up listening to the audio of this on my drive to work this morning.  Give it a listen and tell me if you don’t agree that …

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FA Cup Final 2013 Preview


This weekend saw both semi finals of this year’s FA Cup played, deciding the two teams who will do battle on Saturday 11th May to take home the world’s oldest cup trophy. The two semi final ties took place at Wembley Stadium, with the two lowest placed teams of Millwall and Wigan squaring up on Saturday whilst the heavyweights of …

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