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Celebrities Riding High On Racehorse Success

horse racing

It seems that as more and more celebrities are trying out a day at the races, an increasing number are stepping up their involvement in the sport by becoming racehorse owners.  From soccer players such as Michael Owen, to Hollywood A-listers such as Kevin Costner, many big names are deciding to further their involvement from merely having a flutter on …

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Athletes Unaware of Dangers Associated with Steroids

weight training

In recent years revelations about illegal steroid use among top athletes have become ever more prevalent. Perhaps the most famous case concerns the international cyclist Lance Armstrong, who was stripped of his Tour de France titles and also banned from any future competition. Despite revelations such as this, the use of anabolic steroids has increased and many young athletes use …

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Tips For Looking Your Best In A Golf Shirt

Not everyone considers golf to be an actual sport, and not every player holds the same respect for their golf attire as they do for the actual game of golf. If you’re just starting to play golf or if you’d like to be a better dressed golfer, here are some tips from the reigning 2012 FedEx Cup winner Brand Snedeker. …

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The Digital Sports Revolution

Once there was a time when video games were considered the sole purview of outsiders and loners, the socially awkward and the physically weak. People who were stronger and more confident of themselves played real sports, like football and basketball. In 2013, however, gaming has changed. Astronomical improvements in processing power have brought lifelike and realistic sport simulations to living …

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F1 Driving innovations which can Make Road Cars Safer

Reliable control over the car is key to the safety and performance of the Formula 1 drivers who have no time and concentration to waste over complicated and scattered gauges. Almost all of the racing cars’ controls are thus designed to fit onto the steering wheel, allowing easy access throughout the race. As engineers constantly refine the control systems, car …

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The Modern Footballer: Sportsman or Specimen?

The footballers that we watch from the terraces or on the television today are nothing like the players of as little as ten years ago. Today you have highly-tuned athletes that spend hours after games warming down and in ice baths, when the “old school” footballers used to unwind with a few beers in a team bath after the game …

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Will Soccer Become the Next Big Sport in the United States?

When Americans say they’re going to the big game, it’s safe to assume they don’t mean a soccer match – or is it? Soccer (or football, as it’s referred to in Europe) is steadily increasing its viewership in the United States; just as an example, the ratings for the 2012 European Championship rose 63 percent compared with ratings from four …

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Training for the London Marathon

If you’ve taken the plunge and signed yourself up for a spot in the London Marathon, firstly: congratulations! But once all the excitement and anticipation has died down, you need to think about your training regime. It’s not going to be an easy task, especially if you’ve never run long distance before, but if you put the right measures in …

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