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US team gets high-tech help to reach London

London 2012 Olympics

US team gets high-tech help to reach London (via AFP) Advances in technology will allow US athletes to have their coaches examine their pre-Olympic workouts even if those coaches cannot make the trip to England for the Games next month. And the day might soon be here where coaches can download video of an athlete’s Olympic leap or throw into …

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Nike Helps Us Celebrate Women [Title IX]

Title IX

Title IX is a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972, Public Law No. 92-318, 86 Stat. 235 (June 23, 1972), codified at 20 U.S.C. sections 1681 through 1688, U.S. legislation also identified by the name of its principal author as the Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act. It states (in part) that No person in the United …

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Twenty years on, Barcelona Olympic venues defy crisis

1992 Barcelona Olympic Torch

Twenty years on, Barcelona Olympic venues defy crisis (via AFP) Twenty years after the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the massive venues built for the Games continue to host major events, from swim meets to concerts, even if they have had to slash their fees to face Spain’s economic crisis. The Games were a catalyst for the regeneration of industrial areas and …

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Olympic Profile: Joseph Diaz, Jr.


In a world of “How-To” YouTube has become an invaluable asset. Whether you want to learn plumbing secrets, how to beat a video game, or best practices in applying makeup, YouTube can show you the way. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Olympic boxer Joseph Diaz, Jr. first learned the basics of his craft from, you guessed it, YouTube. …

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Farah to focus on 10,000m at London Olympics

MO Farah

Farah to focus on 10,000m at London Olympics (via AFP) Great Britain’s Mo Farah says he is targetting the 10,000 metres at the London Olympics and will wait to see how he feels before deciding whether to go for a double in the 5,000. “I am going to run the 10,000 for sure because it is the first race,” Farah …

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Pele criticises Brazilians, Neymar, ahead of Olympics


Pele criticises Brazilians, Neymar, ahead of Olympics (via AFP) Former star Pele on Monday criticised the Brazilian Olympics squad saying he felt they “are not ready” for the event on the evidence of a 2-0 weekend loss to Mexico and also lambasted starlet Neymar for overly hugging the left wing. “I think it’s good this (defeat) happened as it does …

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Left knee injury forces Shawn Johnson to retire


Left knee injury forces Johnson to retire (via AFP) Shawn Johnson, the former world champion and 2008 Olympic all-round runner-up attempting a London Olympics comeback, announced her retirement from competitive gymnastics on Sunday. A nagging left knee injured Johnson’s dream of returning from a hiatus last year and reaching next month’s London Olympics… left knee, London Olympics, gymnastics, Olympic silver, …

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Olympic Profile: Marti Malloy

Marti Malloy

A first-time Olympian, physical and aggressive U.S. judo player Marti Malloy is psyched and ready for the London Games. INFOtainment News had the good fortune to talk with Marti 80 days out from the opening ceremonies. When asked what she loves about her sport, U.S. Olympian Marti Malloy answers, “judo is a strategic match where you react to reactions and when it …

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Ray Lewis Pimps Old Spice


Hard hitting Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is doing a little acting on the side. Check out this spot where he is the new Old Spice dude. He comes out the shower covered in soap, blows up Saturn then flys off on a jet-powered raven. You’ll have to watch to understand.

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Better known by the nickname A-Rod, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is one of the most famous players in baseball today. Born in New York City, Rodriguez's family moved to the Dominican Republic when he was four years old, only to return to Miami a short time later. Rodriguez's father took for New Jersey not long after returning to the US, leaving his family behind.

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