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Nominees for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award


The NFL announced today the 32 team nominees for the WALTER PAYTON NFL MAN OF THE YEAR AWARD PRESENTED BY NATIONWIDE. Representing the best of the NFL’s commitment to philanthropy and community impact, each of these players was selected as his team’s Man of the Year and is now eligible to win the national award. The Walter Payton NFL Man …

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Book A Heli Skiing Trip & See The Rockies


Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in the world. A recent study found that over 13 million people ski each year, and the sport’s equipment industry recently reported approximately 13 billion dollars in revenue for the last fiscal year. The increasing popularity of this winter pastime makes ski resorts a popular vacation destination. However, if you’ve ever …

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Foot Darts

kick darts

You read that right – Foot Darts!! To play this the users set up a huge inflatable dartboard that’s covered with Velcro, soft balls will then be kicked. The score is determined by the position the ball lands on the board, like a regular darts game. A combination of football and darts make a great game for functions and outside …

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Genius Motivators – 6 Attributes of Effective Coaches


There is nothing quite as rewarding as leading a team to victory, whether at the amateur, college, or professional level. Becoming an effective coach takes hard work and dedication, and while outsiders may not be quick to give you the credit, the satisfaction earned from the respect and admiration of your players is unmatched. If you’re looking to take your …

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Top Moments in Sports History


Sports represents many things to many different people. There are waves of positive and negative emotions that flood through fans following a spectacular play, an awesome series, or a long-standing rivalry. I wanted to capture THOSE greatest moments. Initially I wanted to capture the top 10 moments, but realized that would only be cheating YOU the reader – there are so …

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Royal Ascot to be televised in US from 2017

Royal Ascot

As one of the most famous horse racing events in the UK calendar, the American public have long been missing out on events from the iconic venue. However, the news that NBC’s sports network will be broadcasting the five-day meeting from 2017 is likely to be welcome news for many admirers of the sport. A minimum of fifteen hours of …

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How To Improve Your Golf Game – Fast


If you are a keen golfer, then you know what a steep learning curve the sport has. The upside of this, of course, is that you experience a greater feeling of success when you do achieve more in the game. However, sometimes even the best players hit against a brick wall. This is a perfectly natural part of practice, and …

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Top 5 Ways to Enhance March Madness

March Madness

March is finally here, and with it comes March Madness! For some, the annual NCAA tournament is the sporting highlight of the year – forget the Super Bowl, forget the World Series, forget the NBA Finals… March Madness breeds intense loyalties and a dedicated following. If you’re one of those people already, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re …

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