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What Goes into Bay Area Landfills


When was the last time you really considered what goes into your trash can (and thus into Bay Area landfills)? Unless you’re the world’s most conscientious recycler and composter, your trash cans are likely filled with typical household trash such as food scraps, paper plates, cardboard boxes and packaging, used facial tissue, plastics, and used disposable diapers. That’s assuming that …

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5 Signs Its Time to Buy a House


There are more reasons to buy a home than merely a need for more space — home ownership has a number of benefits that renters often don’t consider until they are confronted with a problem themselves. When faced with the problem of renting an apartment, considering home ownership is a potential, and often logical solution. Signs its Time to Buy …

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3 Advantages to Renting Instead of Buying a Home


Aside from the “American Dream” of owning a home, is there really any benefit to purchasing a house instead of renting? With the economy in flux and the real estate market being one of the most inconsistent and unpredictable investments, it’s important to assess such a risky expenditure. Here are 3 of the main benefits to renting instead of purchasing a …

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Nevada Fails to Pass Betting Bill


Even with a recent loss in Nevada, betting laws changing more and more. It’s clear even to the untrained eye that gambling preferences are making a switch from physical to digital, and legislation to support that change is slowly catching up to meet demand. A Loss for Betting in Nevada Bars Businesses with restricted gambling licenses are at the mercy …

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What Happened When The Neighbor Lady Invited Me Over

Arabic coffee pot

I was mowing the front lawn early; it was going to be a hot day in Sacramento. I noticed the next door neighbor’s yard was starting to resemble a hayfield. They had put the “for sale” sign up about three weeks ago. I hadn’t seen the occupants in a couple of weeks; I wondered if they had moved away already. …

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Made in the USA


While it’s true that a lot of goods are manufactured abroad these days, there are still a large number of products manufactured here in the United States. Among these are industrial equipment, Steinway pianos, custom manufacturing tools, clothing, and much more. How American Made Affects Our Economy With the struggles we have faced in our economy in the last several …

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Nike Cuts All Ties between Livestrong and Armstrong


Lance Armstrong’s admission of guilt regarding his doping struck deep for a lot of people. Armstrong, a cancer survivor, inspired millions of people with his recovery and establishment of what was known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and support. Additionally, his dominance over the Tour de France race gave hope to cancer sufferers and survivors everywhere – …

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Listening Skills Matter – 4 Tips to Be a Better Listener Today


During meetings and conversations, do you ever find yourself losing focus on the conversation at hand because you’re concentrating on remembering the information you’d like to add? It hopefully doesn’t happen all the time, but there are instances when we find ourselves so focused on remembering what we want to say, that we lose site of the information being presented …

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The Name Tag Society

The American monoculture

I needed to get my fiancé’s ring repaired and resized yesterday. I looked on Yelp for some recommendations on where I might take my business. A quick search revealed a small locally owned shop not far from my home. I was greeted warmly by the gentleman at the counter. He was the owner. “How ya doing?” he asked. “I’m getting married, that’s how …

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Fighting a Digital Age Gambling Addiction


The National Library of Medicine states that there are 11 criterion by which a problem gambler can be identified, and he or she must possess at least five of those criterion to be classified as a problem gambler. It’s easy to think of a gambling problem starting in a ritzy casino, with rows upon rows of loud slot machines, but …

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5 Things Every Grad Needs for Summer Business Casual


After the graduation party, reality starts to set in. Whether it’s a summer internship or a first “real” job, many grads find themselves scrambling to put together a professional look. It can be daunting, especially with student loans now just six months away and budgets tight. Gone are the days when student financial aid covered the costs, and grads are …

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Projections for the Las Vegas Real Estate Market


It is no surprise that Las Vegas’ residential real estate market was hit hard during the economic downturn that started in 2007 and continued on for several years. Factors like a high unemployment rate coupled with a high foreclosure rate and plummeting housing values caused the real estate market to decline rapidly. Now, however, the real estate market has been …

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States with a “Stand Your Ground” Law

stand your ground

Recent reports have propelled the Stand-Your-Ground law to the top of news sites and Twitter feeds. Only a number of states possess this law, though other states possess laws with similarities. The Stand-Your-Ground Law Defined The Stand-Your-Ground law is comparable to the Castle Doctrine. Enforced in about half of the US, the Castle Doctrine states that a person has no …

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The Effect of the Sequester to Small Businesses


The sequester seems to be the latest buzzword, but not all of us can afford can take time away from our busy schedules to truly comprehend the ramifications of the latest self-inflicted wound to our economy. Unfortunately, the latest round of government spending cuts may have a significant impact on the U.S job market in the near future. Analysts, pundits, …

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Five Most Inheritance-Friendly States


Inheritance taxes have been a topic of great debate through the years. The idea that people had already paid taxes on the things they owned and the money they earned makes the inheritance tax appear to be a double tax on the same income. Many states have changed inheritance tax laws because of that popular public viewpoint. Some states still …

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Top 18 Quotable Marriage Quotes


Get engaged and suddenly advisors come out of the woodwork. Ten minutes after the guy pops the question, everyone he knows begins adding his or her two-cents on what makes a marriage work. It matters not if the impromptu marriage counselors are young, old, married, or divorced; all are suddenly experts on the topic of marriage bliss and how it …

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Proper Design of Safety Signs is Vitally Important


It’s not enough anymore to simply put out a few safety signs in the workplace. For starters, there are certain OSHA and other governmental regulations for some industries and types of signs, so you might not be compliant with the law if don’t put much thought into it. But protecting your employees is a vital part of doing business – …

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3 Celebrities Recently in Rehab

It might seem like celebrities and rehab go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, addiction is a very real and serious disease–celebs are just in the spotlight more so compared to the average Joe. Rehabilitation is an ongoing, lifelong process since there’s no “cure” for an addiction. Instead, rehab helps people (including celebrities) learn to live with the disease. …

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Forget Expensive Weddings – DIY Wedding Favours


Everyone knows that weddings are expensive, it is a truth universally acknowledged, but it isn’t until you are planning your own that this truth really hits you. You plan out your budget and for a brief moment you think you can just about make it and then you remember all those little extras and the bill goes from manageable to …

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Memories in a Landfill


We hold millions of little memories in our heads, those snapshots of a birthday party or a mountain vista that we can easily recall on demand. A smell or a song can trigger them, and we’ll savor our mini slide show for a moment. We wish and we need to preserve many of these memories forever. There’s a reason everyone’s …

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‘Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined’ [a review]


Gordon Patzer, PhD. is a researcher, writer and speaker that has been internationally recognized for his efforts in understanding the influence that physical attractiveness (PA) has on our daily lives. This area of research has brought so many other researchers to conclusions about physical attractiveness that it has been called the ‘Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon’ (PAP). According to Dateline NBC, Dr. …

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5 Reasons Why 24 Is The New 21


When you get to be 24, life can slow down a little bit. It’s not all about partying anymore. You start to care so much more about getting a good night’s sleep. You opt for a cup of hot tea rather than drinking a glass of wine at the end of the night to eliminate the risk of a headache …

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7 Ways a Credit Card Can Save You Money


Using a credit card sometimes has a negative connotation, but in reality, cards can save you quite a bit of money if you use them correctly. Here are seven ways that you can save money by simply utilizing a credit card. 1. Take Advantage of Time-Sensitive Deals One of the ways that having a credit card can save you money …

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Time Management for Working Students


We all know how much of an expense good education can be.  This is why most of us opt to work whilst in our college years.  It’s difficult, but this experience molds us into better and more industrious people.  We learn how to multitask to ensure that not only will we be effective in school, but also at work.  And …

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