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5 Notable MPAs You Never Knew Were Right Under Your Nose


Being a Master in Public Administration (MPA) may not sound glamorous, but many of today’s high-profile public figures are just that.  Whether they’re politicians, policy-makers, or just interested in public service, these five people have used an MPA degree to invigorate their careers and expand their personal potential. 1. Ban Ki-moon Image via Wikimedia Commons by Shiro524 Ban Ki-moon began …

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Domestic Violence By The Numbers


Why do victims of domestic abuse stay with their abusers?  This has been a hot topic in the news lately.  But what we have really learned is that asking why a victim stays is the wrong question.  Rather, we should be asking why an abuser abuses, placing the blame where it belongs. There are some common warning signs that domestic …

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Scars That Last a Lifetime: Comfort Women

comfort women

If you haven’t heard about comfort women, then you should continue reading because this will leave you appalled and informed at the extent governments will go to please their allies in war. This was prevalent across Asia and you will find out who the comfort women were, what they did, who they were, and where they are now. What Were …

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Comparing Gun Laws Around the World


Throughout the U.S., the topic of gun laws is considered a hot one. There are some people who choose to own firearms and some that don’t. The trouble is that some who choose to do so believe those that don’t would like to take away their Second amendment rights. While U.S. gun laws are widely considered to be liberal, it’s …

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Boston’s Top Movers And Shakers [Infographic]


Boston is really making a name for itself these days in the business world, and that is thanks to a number of factors.  For starters, the talent pool in Boston is strong and full of influential and intelligent people.  Chris Brogan, Joichi Ito, David Meerman Scott, Erik Qualman, and Clayton Christensen are just the top five of the biggest and …

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Where To Buy Your Next Home

usa-cities-home-buying 1

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you will want to check out this list of the fifteen best cities to buy a home.  The Great Recession did a number on our housing market, but things are slowly making a comeback.  The experts at Shea Homes have compiled a list of the top places you should be looking …

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Your Rights As A Renter


As we all know, renters face background and credit checks sight unseen by strangers that may or may not have credibility themselves. A group of Chicago real estate professionals seeks to change that and so they started the national apartment review site DoNotRent.com. DoNotRent.com helps renters simplify the process of picking a place to reside by allowing them to look …

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5 Need to Know Things Before You Get Your MBA


Whether you’re stalled in your career, looking for more career flexibility, or simply want a bigger pay check, getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a plausible next step for you. However, before charging off to the classroom it’s important to sit down and really think about what you want to get out of the program. Here are five …

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Tiny Living [Infographic]


Living in a tiny house is starting to become the trendy thing to do.  You spend less on buying, maintaining, heating, and cooling, and you have less room to accumulate years worth of useless junk.  You can learn to maximize your utilization of space in order to significantly decrease your carbon footprint, which is important since the trend seems to …

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Science Of Pit Bulls [Infographic]


Pit bulls often get a bad rap, but it turns out it may not be deserved.  In fact, the three most aggressive dog breeds in the United States are Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, and Jack Russels, and it is believed that their smaller size plays a role in their fear-based aggression. There is a lot of other misinformation out there that leads …

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Obamacare And Addiction [infographic]


Health insurance has traditionally not covered much in the way of mental health care, especially drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation.  Now thanks to the Affordable Care Act, drug treatment will be covered on all plans, making it easier and more affordable for addicts to get the help they need. Addictions to substances such as crystal meth, heroin, and crack vary …

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The Importance of Spending Time with Your Cat


If you are in the process of deciding what kind of pet to get, you might think getting a cat will be ideal if you need a pet that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You might even think cats do great when left alone for long periods of time. While cats can indeed be left alone longer than dogs, …

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