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How To Save The Earth Without Killing Your Lawn


Everyone is going green and but the problem is going green can sometimes cost your lawn a lack of water and other important nutrients to help prevent bugs and other problems. The great news is, there are ways you can save the earth without killing your lawn, by simply using the benefits of the environment to make your at home …

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Environmentally Friendly Methods of Cleaning Petroleum and Crude Oil Tanks


Petroleum and crude oil tanks cleaning is a tough job, one that doesn’t typically conjure up images of eco-friendly choices (Source: Tank Cleaning by E&B Green Solutions). Fortunately, eco-friendly alternatives to harsh solvents do exist. Not only are new products available made from plant-based materials, these products are designed to encourage the natural degradation of oil and petroleum by microbes. …

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Factors that Affect Social Skills Development in Early Education


Early development of social skills is very important as it can make or break a child’s perspective socially.  Thousands of documentation from research suggest that children with improper or inadequate social skills are more prone to issues such as peer pressure and rejection, bullying, and poor academic performance. Early education social skills are described as the ability of children to …

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Common Violations of Consumer Rights


When we talk about common violations of consumer rights we are talking from the business’s point of view. Some organizations sell products or services that are contradictory to consumer interest and can cause physical harm or emotional distress. As much as the consumer needs to be vigilant and informed about his or her rights, it is also the duty of …

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Remembering the #Occupy Movement


They call it OWS — Occupy Wall Street. While it began in Manhattan with a few individuals protesting financial institutions they believed responsible for the stock market crash of 2008, it grew, spread, and eventually became an international movement of interconnected protests that took the form of encampments and occupations. They appeared in cities across the globe. For the people …

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The Student Survival Guide


All over the internet you can find student survival guides, but many of these deal with situations involving how many tins of beans you have left, or how to live on a budget. This guide, however, is a little different, and it will introduce you to situations you might have not considered applying for university. Millions of people head off …

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Can Drivers Expect Low Gas Prices This Summer?


Each summer Americans head out in droves on family vacations, but high gas prices have curtailed this popular activity in the last several years. Steady drops in gas prices over the past several months have prompted talk about the future price of gas, and how it might impact driver habits during the summer. One of the key indicators regarding whether …

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What Young Adults Need to Know About Cuts to Social Security


With the current U.S. budget a mess of incoherent tax laws and bail-out spending legislation after the government’s near fiscal collapse in 2009, President Obama is planning to change the federal budget. He seeks to increase deficit relief by cutting spending for a number of public welfare programs, the most obvious target being Social Security. Social Security: the problem and …

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How MMORPGs Have Affected Society


Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPGs for short, have forever changed the video gaming world since their creation in the 1990s. Instead of simply playing at home with one or two friends, gamers can now play MMORPGs with thousands of participants around the globe, using only a computer game and an Internet connection. But what’s even more interesting is …

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8 of the best famous last words of the rich and famous


Famous last words of the rich and infamous are often witty, innovative and insightful. We look at some of the funniest, most moving and interesting quotes from historical figures. OSCAR WILDE, 1854 – 1900 “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.” Oscar Wilde was a famous dandy, writer and eccentric. Perhaps it isn’t surprising that his last words were so …

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What Goes into Bay Area Landfills


When was the last time you really considered what goes into your trash can (and thus into Bay Area landfills)? Unless you’re the world’s most conscientious recycler and composter, your trash cans are likely filled with typical household trash such as food scraps, paper plates, cardboard boxes and packaging, used facial tissue, plastics, and used disposable diapers. That’s assuming that …

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5 Signs Its Time to Buy a House


There are more reasons to buy a home than merely a need for more space — home ownership has a number of benefits that renters often don’t consider until they are confronted with a problem themselves. When faced with the problem of renting an apartment, considering home ownership is a potential, and often logical solution. Signs its Time to Buy …

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3 Advantages to Renting Instead of Buying a Home


Aside from the “American Dream” of owning a home, is there really any benefit to purchasing a house instead of renting? With the economy in flux and the real estate market being one of the most inconsistent and unpredictable investments, it’s important to assess such a risky expenditure. Here are 3 of the main benefits to renting instead of purchasing a …

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Nevada Fails to Pass Betting Bill


Even with a recent loss in Nevada, betting laws changing more and more. It’s clear even to the untrained eye that gambling preferences are making a switch from physical to digital, and legislation to support that change is slowly catching up to meet demand. A Loss for Betting in Nevada Bars Businesses with restricted gambling licenses are at the mercy …

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What Happened When The Neighbor Lady Invited Me Over

Arabic coffee pot

I was mowing the front lawn early; it was going to be a hot day in Sacramento. I noticed the next door neighbor’s yard was starting to resemble a hayfield. They had put the “for sale” sign up about three weeks ago. I hadn’t seen the occupants in a couple of weeks; I wondered if they had moved away already. …

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Made in the USA


While it’s true that a lot of goods are manufactured abroad these days, there are still a large number of products manufactured here in the United States. Among these are industrial equipment, Steinway pianos, custom manufacturing tools, clothing, and much more. How American Made Affects Our Economy With the struggles we have faced in our economy in the last several …

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Nike Cuts All Ties between Livestrong and Armstrong


Lance Armstrong’s admission of guilt regarding his doping struck deep for a lot of people. Armstrong, a cancer survivor, inspired millions of people with his recovery and establishment of what was known as the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research and support. Additionally, his dominance over the Tour de France race gave hope to cancer sufferers and survivors everywhere – …

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Listening Skills Matter – 4 Tips to Be a Better Listener Today


During meetings and conversations, do you ever find yourself losing focus on the conversation at hand because you’re concentrating on remembering the information you’d like to add? It hopefully doesn’t happen all the time, but there are instances when we find ourselves so focused on remembering what we want to say, that we lose site of the information being presented …

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The Name Tag Society

The American monoculture

I needed to get my fiancé’s ring repaired and resized yesterday. I looked on Yelp for some recommendations on where I might take my business. A quick search revealed a small locally owned shop not far from my home. I was greeted warmly by the gentleman at the counter. He was the owner. “How ya doing?” he asked. “I’m getting married, that’s how …

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Fighting a Digital Age Gambling Addiction


The National Library of Medicine states that there are 11 criterion by which a problem gambler can be identified, and he or she must possess at least five of those criterion to be classified as a problem gambler. It’s easy to think of a gambling problem starting in a ritzy casino, with rows upon rows of loud slot machines, but …

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5 Things Every Grad Needs for Summer Business Casual


After the graduation party, reality starts to set in. Whether it’s a summer internship or a first “real” job, many grads find themselves scrambling to put together a professional look. It can be daunting, especially with student loans now just six months away and budgets tight. Gone are the days when student financial aid covered the costs, and grads are …

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Projections for the Las Vegas Real Estate Market


It is no surprise that Las Vegas’ residential real estate market was hit hard during the economic downturn that started in 2007 and continued on for several years. Factors like a high unemployment rate coupled with a high foreclosure rate and plummeting housing values caused the real estate market to decline rapidly. Now, however, the real estate market has been …

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