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Why many people are turning to the world of corrective surgery to change their lifestyle


According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, during 2011 more than 9 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures were carried out across the nation. These were cosmetic procedures, and the data represents a one percent increase on the previous year, and close to a 200 percent increase since 1997. Just why …

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Some States Introduce Reforms to Outdated Child Support Laws


In November 2014, President Obama’s administration proposed changes to the child support system that has been in effect since 40 years ago. Expectedly, the Republicans, led by then House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman and now Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, introduced legislation to block these changes, at the same time accusing Obama of usurping the powers of …

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Officer Shows Up Drunk To MADD Conference

police lights

If we are all being honest, what would the headlines look like without Florida always having something crazy happening? The headlines would be boring but Ohio would still carry some of the crazy headlines. If there is a list of places that a police officer shouldn’t show up drunk, a Mothers Against Drunk Driving conference would be near the top. …

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The Top 6 Dating Apps for Twenty Somethings

Busy twenty-somethings often don’t have time to meet people in the traditional way, so online dating has taken over. Two in five singles have tried online dating. Check out these that help you save time while potentially meeting the love of your life. Match.com More than 1.8 million subscribers use Match, making it the most widely used dating site across …

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Clean Cut Clean Start

Nasir Sobhani aka ‘The Streets Barber’, is a true Nomad, not just of the world, but also of the mind. Growing up in Japan, attending University in Canada, volunteering his time for Youth Work in the Vanuatu and then Australia to start up his own initiative helping the homeless, Nasir has certainly lived a fruitful life. It wasn’t all smooth …

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4 Online Tools to Empower Teens to Embrace Independence

Your son has entered the dreaded teenage years and you can already see the commencement of his transformation into an adult. Though he may identify himself as being a “mature, young adult”, you know there is much more for him to learn in preparation for the real world. Supporting your teenager in his transition from adolescence into adulthood is about …

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Online Dating Tips

Online dating of course is a huge, huge industry, but also a huge amount of people doing it. And apparently, every one of four couples now has met online first. So that’s pretty. I’m not seeing this actually diminishing, it’s just going to get more and more because, it’s just so damn convenient and at the same time I know …

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