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How Data is Improving Education in the US

education data

Millions of Americans have recently gone back to school. While the biggest question a middle schooler may have is whether s/he has the right sized notebooks, robust high school graduation rates can help stimulate the economy and erode unemployment over the long term. In short, the better schools perform today, the more varied and fulfilling tomorrow’s jobs become. The Benefits …

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How a Social Science Degree Can Help You Help Society


Choosing a degree program is the first step toward beginning a rewarding career that will help you build toward a better future. For those who are truly seeking a career that provides them with the potential to make a difference in society, a social science degree is the perfect fit. In addition to providing students with a well-rounded education that …

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How to Use Social Media to Fight Drunk Driving

drunk driving

Drunk driving is not only a driving offense, but can have serious consequences for people apart from the person who’s driving. In 2011, 31% of vehicle traffic fatalities were caused by alcohol-impaired driving. Most drivers tend to be repeat offenders when they drive intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, according to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving statistics. The age group …

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The Never Ending Quest For Freedom And Democracy


Last month, the first democratically elected President of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was ousted by the Egyptian military after massive protests against his increasingly dictatorial rule. Once again, Democracy is facing a crisis as the Egyptian people struggle to achieve true freedom. While a coup may be seen as the antithesis of representational government, the military intervened after pro Democracy protesters …

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Man In The Red Bandana


For the years subsequent to the 9/11 tragedy I’ve looked for a reflection (story, image, or video) that speaks to the horrible events of that day, yet finds a sliver of brightness through the actions and resolve of the human spirit. This year, of all places, I find my story on ESPN. #NeverForget Source: ESPN Image Source: Flickr » Inline …

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5 Ways You Can Help Orphaned Children


Orphaned children across the nation are dependent upon others for their survival. Many organizations and programs work hard to come to their aid, but too often the needs of the children outweigh the resources of these helpers. In order to make up the deficit, organizations that care for orphans turn to ordinary people for help. Here are five things that …

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Gas Prices and Inflation in the Arab Spring Global Economy


No matter the final results of the Arab Spring—the pro-democracy uprisings that have swept the Middle East from Tunisia to Egypt since December of 2010—the movement has put investors on edge over its implications for the world’s crude oil prices. Political turmoil in the Middle East, and the inevitable threat to oil supplies generated by that turmoil, has long been …

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Key Points of the Immigration Bill


For most of the century thus far, the issue of immigration and how to address the estimated 11 million people who are in the U.S. illegally has been in the foreground of national dialogue. Despite the often bitter back-and-forth, the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill, S.744, with bipartisan backing, drawing 14 Republican votes to pass 68-32. Not …

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Anderson Cooper Interviews Dr. Maya Angelou – #MOW50

Anderson Cooper - Maya Angelou

It is the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s March on Washington. Tributes, speeches, marches and remembrances are happening all across the country. One particular discussion that really grabbed my attention today was that of Anderson Cooper interviewing Dr. Maya Angelou. Cooper talked about Dr. Angelou’s experiences with Dr. King, where she felt the country was overall in terms of realizing …

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#ITNVOTD: I Forgot My Phone

This video speaks volumes, without having to say much directly out loud. Charlene deGuzman has created a 2 minute video that is making massive waves across the internet for the societal message it deals with – we spend more time looking at smartphone screens than we do actually engaging and interacting with the real people right in front of us. …

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How to Teach Your Teenager to be Financially Responsible

teens with money

Few things are more dangerous than a teenager with a credit card.  The truth is many teens simply don’t know how to budget their finances and spend money wisely.  They have never been taught the value of a dollar.  While teens learn some financing information in school, you can’t assume that they have been taught all of the essentials.  Incorporating …

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Most Common Crimes in Texas


According to data that is reported by law enforcement officials in Texas to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the U.S. Department of Justice on the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and also from the Texas Department of Safety, overall crime in the state has fallen 6.4 percent between 2010 and 2011. This figure is comprised of data reported by both …

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Nick Cannon and Honda – #BestYourself

It’s interesting to see Mr. Entertainment himself, Nick Cannon all grown up from the days of Drumline and Wild n Out to where he is now – primetime television host, father, and now spokesman with Honda. This spokesman gig – fits him well though… Recently Honda launched a new television and digital advertising campaign in support of the 2013 Civic. Targeting …

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Top Tech Christmas Gifts for 2013

Christmas keyboard

It’s NEVER too early to begin planning for Christmas! Especially when it comes to technology gift purchases – since they tend to be a bit pricey, you can’t start saving too soon. This year we here at INFOtainment News are going to do something a bit different. This year we’re going to  crowdsource this list – meaning we’re going to …

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Eliot Spitzer Comeback May Cost Marriage

Eliot Spitzer

In 1804 Aaron Burr, Vice President to Thomas Jefferson, ended his political career with a duel against Alexander Hamilton. By stepping beyond the lines of acceptable behavior, Burr killed any future he might have sought in US politics. In 2013, the likes of Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner publicly shamed themselves with displays of poor judgment and behavior that went …

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The Latest Science to Having Beautiful Hair

great hair

For many cultures around the world and throughout human history, hairstyles very much depended upon the wealth, age, and social status of the individual. Whether worn long or short, bald or full, up or down, with a preferred curl or straightness, hair was a message sent to others about both status and individual personality. Even hair color was seen as …

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Famous Insurance Fraud Cases


Insurance fraud occurs when somebody, or a group of people, deliberately abuses the nature of the system for their own gain; and in insurance fraud, it is always at the expense of others. While there have been a number of notorious cases in which people have cheated insurance companies out of millions of dollars, there have also been a number …

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Voting: The Most Important Way You Can Make Your Opinion Heard

I voted

On October 4th 2012, then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta gave a speech to the Department of Defense about the importance of voting. Although Panetta made the speech to remind soldiers to turn in absentee ballots if they are stationed overseas, Panetta’s message was about how important voting is to the United States. The act of voting has been a …

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What’s the Perfect Student-Teacher Ratio?

student teacher

The Standards for the English Language Arts specifically describe what students must learn in language classes so they can be properly prepared for the future. The standards specifically address the obvious items, such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening. This enhanced definition of “literacy” comes at a time when employers are demanding well-trained employees with a specialized set of skills, …

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How To Cope with Moving Abroad


Whether it’s for work, to be closer to family or simply for a change of scene to create a new chapter in your life, lots of people make the decision at some point in their lives to move to another country and start a brand new life away from everything they know. This can obviously be very intimidating and scary, …

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