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The Real Secret(s) of Youth

Everyone wants to retain his or her youth, and it’s become easier than ever with the latest creams, serums, and surgeries available at your command. However, there’s no magic bullet that works for everyone, so a lot of trial and error can be necessary. There are a few approaches that are tried and tested, though. They might not be able …

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What You Didn’t Know About St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s day has evolved from a local tradition to a global phenomenon. It began as a day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland and has since transformed into an international festival celebrating Irish culture. St. Patrick the Man Ironically enough, the man for which the holiday was named was neither Irish nor called Patrick. According to historical experts, …

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Top tips on how to have a digital detox

Digital Detox

Advances in technology have helped to reimagine much of the way we work, play, learn and socialise, and have had a profound effect on the way we communicate to and connect with those around us. Most developments in technology are advantageous, but there is increasing concern that the amount of time we dedicate to digital devices is having a detrimental …

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Benefits of Single-Gender Education


In 2006, the U.S. Department of Education relaxed restrictions on single-gender education. Since then many schools, both public and private, have begun to separate students into same-sex learning environments. Much research has been done on the subject, and recently the U.S. Department of Education issued a report collating the findings of various research studies concerning same-gender versus coeducational schooling. The …

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Men Can Shop for Glasses Painlessly


Men don’t always like to shop for themselves, but when they do, they go right for the sale. Get in, get out, and get the goods. That’s why online shopping is perfect for them. From buying running shoes to a new rain jacket, even finding glasses for men, the internet is the new frontier to spend, and it’s a great …

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Top Cities for Industrial Careers


If you are looking to start an industrial career in Houston, you are in luck. According to Manufacturers’ News, Houston is the number one city for industrial employment as of 2012, boasting 235,038 manufacturing jobs. This is an increase of nearly three percent from the previous year. New York is up next, with 140,952 jobs, up by about 1.3 percent. …

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How to Make Online Dating Work For You

Online dating used to be considered fairly risky, but it’s largely no longer regarded that way. More and more people are dating on the Internet instead of meeting people at work, school, or at other social gatherings.  In fact, quite a few relationships are now starting online as opposed to meeting the person face-to-face in the beginning. Strange as this …

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Do You Have Money on the Table?

Every state, as well as the District of Columbia, has a treasury that operates an unclaimed property fund. The money that sits in these accounts comes from old bank accounts, monies from insurance policies, stocks, etc., left by people who’ve forgotten about them or are unaware that they received a refund from a business. Even politicians have money in unclaimed …

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10 Springtime Tips to Brighten Your Home

Now that spring is here, it’s time to spruce up your home and get ready to enjoy the warmer season. It’s time to tackle your list of home improvements. This is the time of year to pay special attention to the outside of your home and shake off your cabin fever. Here are ten tips to improve your curb appeal …

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Divorce Myths and Facts


One only needs to turn to the Internet to realize two things: A) there is a lot of information out there and B) a lot of that information is contradictory. When it comes to divorce, this contradictory information seems to flourish, leaving readers with no idea of what is truth and what is myth. Most of us have undoubtedly heard …

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Recycling Is More Than Just Saving Aluminum Cans

Consumers are getting smarter than ever about their contributions to local landfills. Some people have even outfitted their homes with customized bins to hold trash and recyclables. But there is much more to recycling than just a standard aluminum can collection. As technology has improved, ever more items can be reused or reformulated into new products instead of stripping further …

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How to Throw Your Own VIP Soiree, Vegas Style!

Hosting a great party is a memorable way to have fun and entertain your friends. When it comes to throwing a lively and entertaining soiree, no other city does it like Las Vegas. Since going to Vegas to throw a party isn’t necessarily the most feasible option, you want to try to bring that Sin-City vibe back home to where …

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10 Amazing Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Week

Random acts of kindness are a great way to bring joy to another person’s day. By doing simple things that involve being nice to others, you might just generate a sense of happiness that has a ripple effect across dozens, even hundreds, of other individuals. Though started in New Zealand in 2005 as a single day, and observed there Sept. …

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Which Site Might Host Obama’s Presidential Library? [Infographic]


In early 2015, the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a nonprofit group, will announce its recommendation for a site to host Obama’s presidential library, which will open several years after Obama leaves office in 2016. Hawaii, Obama’s birthplace, and New York, where he attended Columbia University, are possible spots that could host the library. It’s Chicago, however, that has to be …

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7 Tips for Buying a Used Car

7 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a chore, but if you do your homework, you can avoid driving off with a lemon and empty pockets. Used cars can save you much money over purchasing a new vehicle.  Arming yourself with the advice offered in these used car buying tips will give you the advantage when you are ready to go …

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Finding the Perfect Roommate [Infographic]


Conflict with roommates has consistently ranked as one of the biggest stressors in college and is among the top five reasons students drop out. Suffice it to say, choosing a roommate can make or break your semester; it can either lead to a long and fulfilling friendship or end up in disaster. But it’s not just shooting in the dark …

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Easy Tips To Make Your Job Hunt More Manageable

Jobs and Careers

Reentering the job market can be an intimidating task, particularly when you run across the stories that litter your news feed about how difficult it can be to find employment these days. However, there are a number of techniques you can use to lift your chances of success. Putting together a solid plan when you’re on the job hunt can …

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