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February 3, 2015

24 Real Estate Experts Share Secrets On Boosting Home Values On A Budget

I saw this post in my Twitter feed. It came through Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop feed.

How to increase your home’s value for $5000 or less [infographic]— Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) February 4, 2015

What caught my attention was the title, “24 Real Estate Experts Share Secrets On Boosting Home Values On A Budget”, since my wife and I are right in the midst of planning to move by the end of this calendar year, I was curious to see what the “experts” had to say about getting a home ready for sale and not having to break the bank to do it.

To my surprise – we’re right [...]

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December 16, 2014

2014 – Year in Review

These are the stories that tugged at our collective souls this past year.

From politics, society, sports, entertainment, and technology – there was a lot going on.

Our team is going to continue to evolve and curate this list throughout the remainder of the year (YOU can contribute and add your stories to this list as well).

[listly id=”WXN” layout=”magazine” show_header=”true” show_author=”true” show_sharing=”true” show_tools=”true” per_page=”25″]

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December 2, 2014

Climate Change Can Be Stopped [Infographic]

Climate change is real and it’s happening now.  We have the power to stop it, but we may not be able to reverse the damage we’ve already caused.  Scientists say we’re already locked in to a 1.5 degree celsius average temperature increase across the world, which is going to have major impacts everywhere.

For starters, the ocean levels across the world are expected to rise over thirty centimeters by the year 2100.  This will lead to bleaching of corals and loss of aquatic life forms.  Fish harvests will decrease significantly, leading to hunger problems among those who depend on the oceans for their food.

Storms will also increase in severity and frequency, causing loss [...]

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November 12, 2014

5 Notable MPAs You Never Knew Were Right Under Your Nose

Being a Master in Public Administration (MPA) may not sound glamorous, but many of today’s high-profile public figures are just that.  Whether they’re politicians, policy-makers, or just interested in public service, these five people have used an MPA degree to invigorate their careers and expand their personal potential.

1. Ban Ki-moon

Image via Wikimedia Commons by Shiro524

Ban Ki-moon began his South Korean diplomatic career after university. After some time in D.C., he pursued his MPA at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. In 2007, Mr. Ban was elected Secretary-General of the UN, and was unanimously [...]

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