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Protecting Your Online Reputation

online reputation

Roughly 80 percent of online shoppers use reviews and online research to influence their buying decisions; but it’s not just products and restaurants we use reviews for. Everything from babysitters to contractors to potential employers are usually vetted online. In the digital world, where everyone with a smartphone can quickly Google any venue, product, company, or person, our online reputations …

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Counseling and Therapy For the LGBTQ Community


Having some sort of counseling or therapy available for people is an important pillar of modern society. But because of their minority status, people in the LGBTQ community have a particular need for therapists and counselors that have a bit more specific training, or have a mind that further opened to progressive humanity that some clinicians in the past. Specific …

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Odds Of Police Interactions [Infographic]

police lights

Did you know that males are considerably more likely than females to drive drunk, speed, and not wear seatbelts? It comes as no surprise they are pulled over and ticketed more often than females, especially when you consider they are also more likely to cause fatal car crashes. Males account for both more traffic stops as well as more street …

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The Timeline of the Flint Water Crisis

Flint Michigan water

There has been plenty of national coverage about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Many people do not realize the reasons Flint is going through such a nightmare. The timeline below illuminates the decisions of those in local government as well as the major events that proceeded the crisis. The Flint Water Crisis Timeline of Events – An infographic by …

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Tips To Not Get Burnt While Buying Used Cars Online


There are a lot of online dealers who buy used cars today. People no longer depend only on brick and mortar car dealers. With online sites, comparing cars has been child’s play. You can check specification, learn about customer reviews and surf all kinds of cars, within shortest time possible. This does not mean that buying a used car online …

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A Simple Guide For Bringing A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claim

Statistics reveal that more than three million people suffer injuries due to accidents either in their homes, at places of work, in their cars, or when on outdoor engagements. In many cases it is usually someone else at fault and the victims of the accidents have a right to be compensated. Though the law of tort can be rather complex, …

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