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Have you backed up your files?

data protection

In today’s world, there are ever-increasing factors that will impact the security of the files that you store. Whether you are someone who stores files like bills, expenses, your own work for college or university etc. or if you have a business, backing up files is more important than it has ever been before. How many times have you heard …

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What’s Next for the Future of Voice Recognition?

future voice tech

The past decade enjoyed major advances in voice recognition technology, bringing to life many ideas that were once thought to be the stuff of science fiction or fantasy.  While still not completely error-proof, speech recognition technology has become more user-friendly and more accurate than ever.  Here is a look at how advanced speech technology is being used in our lives …

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Understanding the Challenges of Taking an Online Degree


Online programs are becoming more popular by the day. Many of our top universities, including big names such as Washington State University, are introducing more courses and programs for students to choose from. Latest studies suggest that students and companies both prefer online courses for the up-to-date curriculums and extra flexibility. There are more corporations that now offer incentives and …

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Innovation Is Saving Lives!


In the world of science and technology there’s often one word which is considered more important than just about any other: innovation. Innovation is at the heart of those fields and plenty of others. A lot of the time people look at technological or scientific advances and think, “why?” Very often it seems at though innovation is happening for its …

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Top 4 Trends for Website Design in 2017


Web design entails the use of different skills and techniques in producing and maintaining websites. There are essential elements that are involved. They include graphic design, the layout of the web page, content production, interface design, search engine optimization and authoring. Over the years, a lot has changed. Let us look into the major trends in the year 2017. Increase …

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3 SEO Tips for More Traffic in 2017


Traffic. Everybody wants it, but so few get it. If you own a blog or some other online business, traffic can do wonders for you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one tried and true way to fix your traffic issues for the long haul. If done well, it provides your website with a high number of targeted visitors, anxious to …

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5 Types of Video Games you Can Find in the Market

xbox controller

The popularity that comes with video gaming has led to tremendous technological advancements within the industry. The market has several types of video games and the genre still experiences rapid expansion. The main difference between one video game and another is the form of interaction, category, and gameplay. However, you may come across some games that closely resemble other video …

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