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September 16, 2014

Tailgating In America [Infographic]

College football and tailgating go together like peas and carrots.  Every college has tailgaters, but some go the extra mile.  Does your alma mater’s stadium parking lot feature fried alligator or fully decked-out tailgating trailers?  You might be missing out.

Several schools extend their tailgating traditions into nearby bodies of water.  University of Washington, University of Tennessee, and Texas A&M fans all moor their boats in nearby bodies of water before game time and get the party started.

University of Southern California fans are likely to see celebrities in their midst while tailgating before a game.  Snoop Dogg, Henry Winkler, and Kirsten Dunst have [...]

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September 2, 2014

Amazon’s Pre-orders: Are they a good option for Self-Publishers?

I’ve been spending some time writing a couple of new e-books. You can read all about them here. Until now, Amazon has not had an option to allow pre-orders as part of the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. This changed earlier this year when Amazon enabled this option. I am using it for my two new e-books. Despite it being available, it got me to thinking; “Is this good for self-publishers?”

ProsPre-orders are available up to 90 days prior to publishing. Pre-orders count towards sales rank. Sales dates can be pushed forward. Self-Publishers can have up to 10 books, at one time, available for pre-order Pre-orders are available to the consumer at midnight, their [...]
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August 23, 2014

SLS Las Vegas is OPEN

SLS Las Vegas, the culmination of a years-long, $415 million dollar renovation of the legendary Sahara, opened its doors today welcoming the public back to the North end of the iconic Las Vegas Strip. A fully-integrated, entertainment-driven resort and casino with more than 1,600 guest rooms and suites, SLS Las Vegas features a curated collection of hospitality industry trend setter sbe’s most beloved brands, refined and reinvigorated for Las Vegas as well as original concepts all set in an atmosphere that’s both dynamic and approachable.

“This is the beginning of a new era for The Strip,” said Sam Nazarian, Founder, Chairman and CEO, sbe. “We are [...]

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August 12, 2014

What It Takes To Be A Great Customer Service and Call Center Agent [Infographic]

For most businesses, customer service is the key to success. As a rule, companies who put effort and care into their customer service call centers have happier and more loyal customers. And yet only 31% of companies take a good look at the quality of their call centers, help train employees, and reward them for customer service improvement. Businesses that focus with training see a much higher rate of first-call resolutions at 65%, whereas companies that don’t train have only a 58% chance of first-call resolutions.

Though it may seem outdated, 90% of customers still want to resolve their problems over the phone, making the call center just as important as ever. Even just [...]

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