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50+ discount from Monoprice


If you’re in the market for some electronic gear – one of my personal favorites stores is offering a pretty nice discount. The folks at Monoprice sell inexpensive but high quality electronics and accessories and they also offer a tiered rate. So if you buy one item you get a certain price and if you buy more and more you …

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The 10 Most Entertaining Hidden Objects Games

Hidden objects games

Some of the funnest games are hidden objects games. These adventures leave you wanting more even after you’ve solved the very last puzzle and found the hidden treasure. Here are ten hidden objects games that really keep your hungry for more. 1. The Awakening: Moonfell Wood This one’s for those who loved the quests of Princess Sophia. The game follows …

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Top Tech Christmas Gifts for 2013

Christmas keyboard

It’s NEVER too early to begin planning for Christmas! Especially when it comes to technology gift purchases – since they tend to be a bit pricey, you can’t start saving too soon. This year we here at INFOtainment News are going to do something a bit different. This year we’re going to  crowdsource this list – meaning we’re going to …

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Formal Wear – How To Smarten Up In Style

formal wear

Whether you need to smarten up for work or for upcoming formal events, finding the perfect suit and the perfect look is notoriously difficult. Should you go for a traditional cut or something more contemporary? And how smart is smart? If you’re having trouble telling your morning suit from your birthday suit, here are some rules to follow to help …

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Great Small Touch-Ups to Your Home

Living Room with Minimal Furniture

Keeping your home looking modern and nice takes time, money, and effort.  But interior and exterior changes are a great way to improve the value of your home and make it more enjoyable for yourself. Here are some fun things to consider doing to your home to make it look unique. Wall Murals Consider adding murals to give boring walls …

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Understanding Concrete

Outdoor Living Room

The science to mixing concrete seems simple enough to the layman. It would, however, be a folly to think there is nothing to it. In fact, there is much that goes on as soon as water, aggregates and concrete are combined. Through this process, the malleable wet mix that hardens to a strong and durable surface is used to build …

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Simple Crafts: Craft CD’s


Papercraft is one of the most easily accessible and affordable art and craft techniques out there. Whether it’s for kids to enjoy, families to bond over or individuals to explore their creativity, papercraft is an incredibly popular way to complement one’s creativity. The beauty of papercraft is that it’s so easy to pick up but can take a while to …

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Famous Insurance Fraud Cases


Insurance fraud occurs when somebody, or a group of people, deliberately abuses the nature of the system for their own gain; and in insurance fraud, it is always at the expense of others. While there have been a number of notorious cases in which people have cheated insurance companies out of millions of dollars, there have also been a number …

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Bad to the Bone Means Good for the Air

Biker on the road

The reasons that riding a motorcycle is cool have expanded once again. It is not just a sexy look anymore. Riding a motorcycle actually benefits the environment. Hopping on a bike will allow you to raise the status of your image, get to work much faster, and lower your carbon footprint all at the same time. In addition, the cost …

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Getting Started with 18-Wheelers

18 wheeler

Learning how to drive a semi truck with 18 wheels can be an exhilarating and daunting experience. From a wide array of new safety items to learn to acquiring a special license that allows you to operate such a large vehicle, there are plenty of things with which you must familiarize yourself before getting on the road. So if you …

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Recent Developments of the World Bank

Stock Market

The World Bank is an international organization based in Washington, D.C., that provides loans and other assistance to developing countries. The primary role of the organization is to end poverty and encourage prosperity. The organization consists of five separate organizations: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Multilateral …

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Revolutionary Razors

Mammoth Set

I had been putting off buying replacement blades for my mega-corporation brand 6 blade battery powered razor when I ran across a social media advertisement for Harry’s. The advert boasted to have blades for half their competitors price and matching quality.  I like to support a good startup when possible, so rather than drop another $50 at Costco, I surfed …

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Ambitious Office Murals From Around the World


Since the work of Banksy, we as a society have become greatly enthused by the use of street art. It’s bold, daring and individual nature capturing our undivided attention and bringing life to architecture. Now, many entrepreneurs are all too keen to display their passion for this art form in their work environments. Injecting personality into the décor, complimenting the …

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The Most Popular Halloween Costumes in Recent Years

Angry Birds Costumes

Halloween is a special time of year. People find their most festive moods and go out to collect candy. It is a tradition that has been passed down for generations as something to look forward to in the fall months. As Halloween approaches and costumes start selling off the racks, children and adults start wondering what they will wear for …

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The Joys of Building a Backyard Treehouse


Building a backyard treehouse can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you can have with your family. From creating a playhouse in which your kids can run around and have fun, to building a reliable structure with your own two hands, putting up a treehouse in your backyard comes with a host of benefits. So, if you …

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5 Hilarious Football Fan Mugshots


What do you get when you mix football, too much alcohol, and a camera at the local police station? That’s right, funny mugshots of football fans who drank too much, thought too little, and ended up spending a night (or two) in the slammer. Here’s 5 of the funniest looking football fans posing for a picture. But don’t thank them …

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