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Enter if You Dare. The Danger of Fake Reviews


Online reviews can potentially help consumers choose businesses with excellent products and customer service. Unfortunately, it has become difficult for people to trust the reviews they read online. By learning more about fake reviews, you can spot them and take your business to more trustworthy locations. Where Do Fake Reviews Come From Research from the Harvard Business School shows that …

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Live with Eric: Interview with Brooke Anne Smith

Brooke Anne Smith

I have to say that out of all the interviews that I have done, my interview with Brooke Anne Smith was the most enjoyable. Brooke was not only physically beautiful she had the personality to match. This petite young woman from Colorado was so down to earth and full of energy. She really made me feel comfortable about interviewing her. …

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5 Must Haves for Your Christmas Party


Aside for being the season of giving, ‘tis also the season for Christmas parties. Whether it’s the annual office shindig, family gathering or White Elephant gift exchange with the gang, one thing is for sure – spirit and cheer is in the air. Should you decide to throw your very own Christmas Party, here are five must haves that will …

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Your Kids Might Have a Self-Driving Car

self driving car

While there’s no timeline on a flying car, a self-driving car is certainly in your kids’ future. At least, that’s the direction that many automakers and a few other manufacturers are headed. How soon will these autonomous cars show up in the mainstream marketplace? At least one automaker is saying 2020! The Visionaries Automakers that are developing self-driving cars are …

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Future of the Music Industry


The music industry is a fickle one; just as patterns begin to emerge in consumer habits and industry standards, old ways of doing things give way to new approaches. After a decade of ever increasing sales of digital downloads, the future of the music industry is, in some ways at least, once more a mystery. Changing Habits Define the Marketplace …

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Review – Super Secret Crisis War! Volume 1

supersecret crisis wars cover55978-medium

SPOILERS BELOW – Today we take a look at a volume from IDW Publishing and Diamond Book Distributors wherein the writers combine characters from several Cartoon Network shows in to one story line for their own version of Secret Wars . The shows? – Ben 10 Dexter’s Laboratory Powerpuff Girls Samurai Jack Ed, Edd n Eddy My synopsis bad guys …

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Who Drinks The Most Wine? [Infographic]


Who drinks the most wine per capita?  Who produces the most wine?  You might be surprised at the answer.  France is near the top of all these lists, but they don’t come in first place in any of them.  The United States consumes the highest percentage of the world’s wine supply, while Vatican City consumes the most per capita by …

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Comic Costume Battle – Marvel or DC?

Marvel vs DC Image

The folks over at ThinkGeek polled their Facebook fans to find out what would be the most popular comic company this Halloween – with over 5000 responses, here are the results.  I planned to be over-the-hill Wolverine 😉 and see that he did not make the list this year. Please share your costumes with us at @infotainnews!      

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