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Using Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


Disabled drivers may have specific concerns as compared to other drivers, but that shouldn’t stop a person from driving. If you’re disabled and wish to drive, the first step you may need to take is to be officially recognized as disabled by the state in which you live. Once you have done this, you might be required to have hand controls installed …

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Retail Wins with Gamification

Shopping today is undergoing a revolution. More and more, retailers are integrating gaming principles with technology to maximize the shopping experience in the physical store and on online retail websites and applications. For those unfamiliar with the term gamification, it is, simply put, implementing gaming concepts such as rewards, challenges, levels and competition, within a context that does not innately …

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Single Chamber Grinders


Using a single chamber grinder to prepare herbs before smoking or vaporizing supplies have more benefits over breaking them down by hand or with scissors. Herbs that have been prepared in a grinder are consistently better tasting, smelling and looking due to the uniform separation of their material. The herbs also maintain a higher level of potency due to a greater …

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Marvel changes up the Hulk script

Bruce Banner, David Banner… some sort of Banner has been the “main” Hulk for quite a while but Marvel is switching things up.  Amadeus Cho takes over as the first Korean-American Hulk and we’ll learn about Banner’s fate as part of the series. Not thrilled that the title is actually “Totally Awesome Hulk” but suppose it’s better than Totally Tubular …

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First Look – Blues and Bullets

Join me for our first look at Blues and Bullets – a game by A Crowd Of Monsters.  We recently played through Episode 1 of Blues and Bullets which you can see by viewing the embedded video.  We’ve included several minutes of game play and there are some spoilers included so please keep that in mind when viewing. Blues and Bullets …

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Balance Boards for Beginners


Balance contributes to your overall well-being in ways most people don’t think about normally. This is especially true for older people, since they are more prone to slips and falls. According to Fitness magazine, one of the real must-have tools for a great workout is the balance board, since its effectiveness applies to all ages and body types. Regardless of …

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The Top 6 Dating Apps for Twenty Somethings

Busy twenty-somethings often don’t have time to meet people in the traditional way, so online dating has taken over. Two in five singles have tried online dating. Check out these that help you save time while potentially meeting the love of your life. Match.com More than 1.8 million subscribers use Match, making it the most widely used dating site across …

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