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What You Should Know About Shuffle Along

shuffle along

If you’re looking for an exciting night on the town, look no further: Shuffle Along on Broadway is the show you’ve been waiting for. This musical, starring acclaimed actress Audra McDonald, brings you compelling and touching characters while diving into the topic of racial discrimination and exploring how black artists have had to fight tooth and nail to make their …

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5 Tips For Getting Started With Franchising


  The desire to start your own business at some point in your life is pretty common. What else is pretty common, is that once you see how complicated and expensive it is, the dream ends before it even really begins. Your hopes get lost in a fog of business plans and licensing doubt. But, if you choose to go …

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5 Interesting Facts about the Norwegian Language

Norway flag

A surprising fact about the Norwegian language is that it’s considered as one of the easiest languages for the English native speakers. It’s hard to believe it really is so since the Norwegian language is usually not on the list, when you’re thinking about the potential course to take or ordering a paper from an essay writing service WorldEssays.com. But …

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Gaming: ZHEROES, a first look

zheroes cover

Today we’re taking a look at an indie game – ZHEROES, (http://www.zherosgame.com) from Rimlight Studios.  The game is available for XBox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) for $14.99.  We have been playing the Steam version using an XBOX controller for a number of hours with both main characters on both the easy and medium difficulty settings.  At this point, we’ve …

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Wayne Manor vs Fortress of Solitude

Batman v Superman

People have been debating over who is better, Batman or Superman, since they both first appeared in comics. Some may be more interested in who has the most captivating storylines or the coolest gadgets, while others may be more interested in who has the best home. THIS infographic is for the latter!! Here we’ve put ourselves into the mind of …

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Gaming: Hero Defense – Haunted Island

hero defense cover

This article is a follow up to the initial game play video I posted on YouTube: So, let’s talk about tower defense (TD) games, in general,  and then let’s discuss the types of cool variation that Hero Defense – Haunted Island (HDHI) brings to the player. Typically TD games go something like this The player has a series of maps …

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Make Sure Your Sporty Night In Is Perfect

game snacks

Remember when you were a kid and you’d always dream about having your own place? The dream always involved having friends round and staying up all night watching television and playing video games. Well, now you’re all grown up (presumably). You’ve got your own place; now you can make the dream happen. A friend who calls you up and invites …

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3 Tips for Getting Your Yard Ready for Spring


Keeping your yard looking immaculate year-round can be a nearly impossible challenge. In winter months, the snow can help keep the place looking fresh and new, but what happens when it melts off to leave gray, dead plants and yellow grass? A good way to help your home stay looking nice is by preparing for the summer season with an …

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