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INFOtainmentNews Round Up Episode #1

Please have a look at our first Round Up episode where we’re covering various review items that have come in over the last few weeks.  In this first episode we take a look at the following: Telltale Games – Batman: Part 1 of 5.  We go through the various game play options (on steam) on this new game in anticipation …

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6 Tips For Surviving Your Neighbors Home Renovation

construction project

Home renovations in your neighborhood can increase property values and make the area a more desirable place to live. However, these benefits don’t come about until the project is finished, and you may face some serious disturbances in the interim. If your neighbor is planning a home renovation, it’s important to plan and act wisely to help the project go …

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Podcasts WORTH Listening To


Here is my definitive list of podcasts worthy of your time. I subscribe to them and listen weekly. Each podcast on this list gives the listener entertainment, education and insight. In other words their GOOD and are an effective usage of your valuable time. Check them out. If you have a podcast that you think should be on this list leave …

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Popular Entertainment and Media Millenials Love


The media landscape has changed more in the past twenty years than in the previous century. Generation Y, or Millennials as they are known to many in the media, are consuming and creating culture differently than any generation before them. Video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, mobile application-based information and culture sources like Snapchat, and music streaming services like …

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Gaming: Chime Sharp

chime sharp

This week we bring you a hands on look at Chime Sharp a new game from Ste Curran/Twistplay, published by Chilled Mouse. It has some similarity to Tetris, if you add in some music play driven off game play and take away the dropping lines.  The game is fun and challenging.  I’ve played for several hours and have unlocked the …

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Gaming: The Detail episodes 1-3

the detail screen shot 2016-06-30_21-45-26

Just in time for the long weekend, here’s a game review for a game ON SALE (steam) through July 4, 2016.  Not an affiliate link, just go enjoy.  Seriously, even if you don’t really like it… it’s less than 6 dollars right now… generally less than a fast food meal and a few cents more than a Little Caesar’s Hot-n-Ready® …

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Summer Road Trip Must-Haves

road trip

If a good old summer road trip is in the near future, there a few items you’ll want to bring to ensure the best time ever. Pack your bags with this list of must-haves and pave your way to summer fun on the road.   Sunglasses Drive with the top down and enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, but …

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