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Lingerie with built-in GPS

I am curious for comment on this. If your relationship is such that you have to implant a GPS device in your lady’s lingerie, I’m thinking you two should call it quits. But, Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio has unveiled his “Find Me If You Can” lingerie line with an embedded GPS-uplinking unit allowing a partner to remotely track the garment. …

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Deal or No Deal Loser

I don’t really watch this show, but when I saw this clip I had to feel sorry for the big fella. To go from $603,000 down to $1 in 30 seconds, wow, that’s rough. Enjoy ! Deal or No Deal: Biggest Bonehead Move @ Yahoo! Video

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Space Station Trash Heading To Earth

A piece of space station trash the size of a refrigerator is poised to plunge through the Earth’s atmosphere late Sunday, more than a year after an astronaut tossed it overboard. NASA and the U.S. Space Surveillance Network are tracking the object — a 1,400-pound (635-kilogram) tank of toxic ammonia coolant thrown from the international space station — to make …

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Luxury Skincare – For Men

Men’s fashion met beauty with the launch of Dior Homme’s Dermo System. Using the latest in dermatological skincare technology and spearheaded by Hedi Slimane himself, this luxury skincare line aims to keep a man’s aging face looking youthful. The Dior line contains a repairing moisturizer emulsion and soothing moisturizing lotion, eye revitalizing serum, protective shaving cream, and a micro-purifying cleaning …

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The Bradley Effect

There’s been a resurgence of talk about ‘The Bradley Effect’ now that Barack Obama is rounding the corner on this political campaign and chances are looking extremely good for him to be the next President of the United States. With that, I thought I’d include some history of the the term for those who may be unaware. The definition below …

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Tito the Builder

Move over Joe the Plumber, enter Tito the Builder the new un-official spokesperson for the McCain-Palin Republican cause. Oh, while watching this video, check out Tito’s freaky one-eye blink action.

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Obama News Special [10/29/08]

If you missed it, or you just want to see it again…here is the full 30 minute Barack Obama political special that was aired on a majority of the television networks last night Note to all my USA readers: regardless of your choice, PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE

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Mr. Spriggs BBQ

If you’re hungry for some BBQ and you happen to be in the Oklahoma City area, you’ve got to check out Mr. Spriggs BBQ. Regardless of even how the food may taste, you gotta love the commercial. Sounds like at Billboard Top 100 song. Enjoy

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