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Three Fascinating Cars


Somewhere in the world, at this very moment, there is a team of people working on the concept behind an automobile capable of taking flight. Automobiles have come a long way since the famous Model T. One of the greatest things about being car lover is that we will always have something to look forward to. The ingenuity and passion …

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What Your Jewelry Says About You


Jewelry is often looked a symbol of elegance and beauty. When you purchase a necklace or bracelet, you are looking to find a piece that suits your personality. Many times, you will look to find a piece that goes with your personal fashion sense. Everyone has a different approach to how they purchase jewelry and its significance to them. This …

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Hands On: Etón Rugged Rukus and BoostSolar


I recently had the distinct pleasure to review a couple of Etón’s solar products, the Rugged Rukus – Green and the BoostSolar-Green.  Etón (http://www.shopetoncorp.com) carries products under the Etón brand as well as those under Grundig and American Red Cross.  Under Etón brand, you’ll find the solar bluetooth speakers and rechargeable batteries (among other things) which is what first drove …

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Las Vegas: #EDM Has a New Home, Hakkasan!


Hakkasan Las Vegas opened in April of 2013 at the MGM Grand Hotel.  Hakkasan is a modern Cantonese restaurant that offers a unique dining concept. This concept is a vibe that elaborates into a nightclub. Unique of it’s kind, this is the only restaurant/nightclub that is complete with #EDM DJ’s.  Hashtag EDM I’ll get back to that in a second. …

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Essential Tips to Look After Your Sunglasses


Sunglasses can encapsulate the epitome of cool and make a bold fashion statement – particularly if you’re sporting a pair of Ray-Bans or Oakleys. But what good are they if you don’t look after them properly? Avoid the usual inconveniences of poorly-looked-after sunnies, scratched lenses, and broken arms, and keep yourself looking cool with a properly maintained pair of shades. …

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Tesla Model S: A Thing of Beauty

Tesla Model S

I love this video showing a behind-the-scenes look at how the Tesla Model S is put together. Two years ago I had the esteemed fortune of having a Tesla Roadster for a weekend. That experience made me a fan for life. Video Source » Inline Ad Purchase:  Intext Link

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Obamacare and Small Businesses


The health reform package known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare,” is scheduled to begin full-scale implementation in 2014. This will effect up to 20 million individuals who will become eligible for medical insurance coverage through the expansion of government programs such as Medicaid. In addition to the extensive measures taken to broaden access to publicly provided coverage …

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Should Your Smartphone Habit Count as an Addiction?

battery level

The past decade introduced a boom in portable digital technology that many fear is becoming too intrusive in our lives. The youngest generation of Americans are natives in the land of mobile technology, and social networking. There are concerns that “cell phone addiction,” is an all-too-real pandemic in modern society. Here are some signs you may be addicted. You Use …

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Making Free Mobile Games a Profitable Venture


Free-to-play mobile games are so successful that even industry juggernauts like Electronic Arts (EA) have entered the fray. That might lead one to assume that most free games are successful. The surprising truth, however, is that more than 99 percent of Android and iOS games aren’t, and when factoring in the cost of development and operation, it becomes clear that …

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What Men Need to Know About Summer Fashion


Summer isn’t just a time for the ladies to get their wardrobes in order; guys need to do it too. Even the most fashion-inept dude can update his style with a few simple changes and purchases. There are tons of ways men can enjoy a chic and summer-ready look without ever having to break a sweat trying to look good. …

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Lessons In Productivity from Reality TV Biz Whizzes

business people

Long day at work? Nothing a glass of wine and five hours of real housewives, Kardashians and Honey Boo-Boo can’t cure. Shameless American reality TV has entrepreneurs scoffing at the hours wasted in front of the tube, but you know better. You’re a savvy executive who realizes there’s a lot to learn from the exaggerated human lives portrayed on screen. …

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Essential Services That Turned From Offline to Online


Ever since the appearance of Internet, the way we interact with people, work and chat has changed dramatically. Many services that once required an active physical presence have now become compliable in a number of clicks. At the same time, various processes can now be completed online, regardless of your current location. Some of these services were slow and awkward …

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Plumbing of the Future


We need plumbers to rescue us from clogged drains and back flowing toilets. But there are more important reasons that we need plumbers. Innovations in plumbing continue to keep pace with modern home designs. The increased focus on water and energy conservation, energy, as well as protecting humans from chemical contaminants, have resulted in new practices. On top of that, …

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Saving on Heating


While the summer months bring vacations, tan lines, and extra small utility bills, it won’t be long until the winter creeps up and takes a bite out of your wallet. Keeping warm during the colder months is important for a happy and a healthy home, and it’s often believed that the only way to do so is to pay incredible …

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Battle Of The Charms: Pandora vs Trollbeads


Charm bracelets have become huge over the past couple of years, with jewellers all over the world bringing out their own versions. However, the one’s that really stand out to consumers are Pandora and Trollbeads. What Are They? Pandora is probably the most well known charm bracelet brand (just about everybody has one), and has branched out into stacking rings, …

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7 Great Quotes For Writers


Whether you’re faced with the prospect of completing an assignment for your creative writing class, up against a deadline for a short story contest, or are simply writing for fun, it’s easy to get lost in the words. If you feel like you need a map, or even a life preserver, here are 7 inspirational quotes that can help you …

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