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From Launch to Cloud [Infographic]

Cloud based computing is the future, and it seems like everyone is talking about backing their data up to the cloud these days.  But there was a time when every computer was basically an independent fighting force, and it was a lot longer ago than you might think. Ethernet connections were developed in the early seventies.  This was basically the …

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Breakdancing Monks on MCA Day


Saturday, May 3rd,  marked the 3rd annual MCA Day in honor of the late Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch, and festivities were held at Littlefield Performance and Art Space in his hometown of Brooklyn in his honor. Now, it’s questionable whether or not these gentlemen are in fact Monks, but regardless – this is a fitting tribute. MCA-DAY “Buddhist Monks” …

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Home Improvement Projects That Pay You Back


As winter gives way to spring and the cold weather recedes, more and more people are breaking out their tools and rolling up their sleeves to begin this year’s round of home improvement projects. But which projects will offer the biggest return at resale? The fancy new kitchen? The updated bathroom? Perhaps an improved master suite? While those particular options …

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Benefits of Single-Gender Education


In 2006, the U.S. Department of Education relaxed restrictions on single-gender education. Since then many schools, both public and private, have begun to separate students into same-sex learning environments. Much research has been done on the subject, and recently the U.S. Department of Education issued a report collating the findings of various research studies concerning same-gender versus coeducational schooling. The …

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On Becoming an Expert [Infographic]

According to Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: The Cognitive Domain, 95% of people have the capacity to learn and acquire knowledge in any field of study. All that needs to be determined is your own personal style of learning. In his book, Bloom states that to reduce variation in the achievement of diverse students, educators must increase variation of …

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Taxes and Your Small Business [Infographic]

Sometimes we may need a little help with our taxes. This is where hiring a professional may come in handy. But there are some very important questions you should ask before hiring a tax advisor. First off, identify what services they offer, and what services you need. Can they just help prepare tax returns, or be there for you throughout …

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Rules of Social Media, Explained [Infographic]

Social media is taking over our lives.  Many of us can’t even manage to get through dinner without checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Never before in human history has such insight into the inner workings of our fellow man been so readily available.  But with that great wealth of information also comes the great responsibility to use it wisely. …

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Obscure Batman Facts


Pretty much everyone has heard of Batman, the caped crusader who sacrifices his own safety to protect the citizens of Gotham City. And, of course, he does this with super cool gadgets and out-of-this-world cars. But, even those who fancy themselves as having “bat brilliance” might not know everything about this superhero. Because the franchise involves comics, cartoons, TV shows, …

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Top Cities for Industrial Careers


If you are looking to start an industrial career in Houston, you are in luck. According to Manufacturers’ News, Houston is the number one city for industrial employment as of 2012, boasting 235,038 manufacturing jobs. This is an increase of nearly three percent from the previous year. New York is up next, with 140,952 jobs, up by about 1.3 percent. …

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