Your Next Job Might Be In Cryptocurrency [Infographic]

New cryptocurrencies are introduced every day, encouraging the demand for competent professionals to maintain the field. From content managers and tech writers to developers...

Can Blockchain Prevent Art Theft?

The art world has had a serious problem for a long time - art theft. Currently Interpol has 51,000 pieces of stolen works of...

Can Cryptocurrency Advertising Get You Banned? [Infographic]

In the wake of the Facebook/Google cryptocurrency ad ban, many are wondering where crypto is to take its advertising. Surely without placements on Facebook...

Can Blockchain Rebuild The Future? [Infographic]

Can blockchain rebuild the world? First, it’s worth asking what needs rebuilding, exactly. There are many micro problems in the world that blockchain could...

What Will Life Look Like After Artificial Intelligence? [Infographic]

From War Games to Blade Runner, we will always be fascinated by artificial intelligence. The idea that humans are beginning to push the boundaries...

The New Role Of CDO [Infographic]

As big data grows bigger than ever before, a new executive office has arisen to manage corporations data and analytics - the chief data...

Keeping Healthy At Work

When was the last time you did yoga in the office? What about squats? Went for a walk down the block? If you are a sedentary office worker you need to be getting more exercise throughout the day, not just the hour you go to the gym after work.

The Business of eSports

eSports means Electronic Sports – an form of organised, competitive gaming between professional gamers. Competitions are organised by several local and international organisations around the world, and the sport is rapidly growing in popularity.

An All-Purpose Guide To Cryptocurrency

While seemingly complicated from the outside, cryptocurrency is surprisingly beginner friendly. Being a newer market itself, crypto can be forgiving to rookie mistakes- when...

Corporate Responsibility: How Does Your Company Measure Up?

Smart businesses know that charitable work and contributions aren’t just for nonprofits; any kind of company can participate in generosity and community support. From financial contributions to inclusive work environments, community involvement not only strengthens the reputation of a company, but is also an ethical and economic responsibility.

Is Plastic In The Ocean Really A Problem?

Already microplastics are working their way into the food chain. These plastics come from things like microbeads and glitter, but they also come from those large pieces of plastic floating around in the ocean being broken down into smaller pieces through friction, UV light, and more. Then fish consume them and other fish consume those fish and so on until that plastic makes it way on to your dinner plate.

The Future Of Augmented Reality Tech

These days augmented reality is about much more than that. There are applications in business across sectors you never would imagine. So what does the future hold for augmented reality?

Why We Need Better Dementia Care

For many suffering from dementia, the medical treatment options are slim, which is why many care facilities are looking towards a more holistic approach.

Are Millennials Really “Killing” These Industries?

Barely a day passes without another story about an industry that millennials are “killing”. Millennial buyers have been blamed for the downfall of so...

The Lost Art Of Networking [Infographic]

Networking has always been an essential skill for job seekers. With the rise of social media, online networking has begun to demand its own...

Winning The Grocery Store Wars [Infographic]

With a staggering 85% of people are willing to give grocery delivery a try, and a growing number using make-at-home meal kit services, the grocery world is struggling to keep up.

Real Estate Backed ICOs Are The Future Of Investment

Drawing from the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies, blockchain is squaring up to be the next face of real estate. Diversifying your portfolio has...

Augmented Reality And The Future Of Un-Technology

Augmented reality works more towards fitting into our lives; not the other way around. 

Tech In The Classroom [Infographic]

As technology grows more complex and more people work from home, the ability to communicate and collaborate through technology is becoming increasingly important. More than 30% of employers list teamwork and communication as important skills for future hires.

Do You Know Rosé? [Infographic]

Today, no dinner party or girls’ night out is complete without a bottle of rosé. Once shunned by wine sommeliers, more and more experts are coming around to accept this phenomenon of the comeback of rosé

Is There A Crypto Theft Problem? [Infographic]

Bad investments and volatile exchange rates aren’t the only forces at fault for lost funds: hackers and cyber thieves are hot on the trail for crypto.