Are Your Healthy Choices Really Healthy ?

While I was doing some shopping the other day I noticed several people purchasing turkey bacon, and it made me think of the new...

Exercise Gone Awry…Kinda

Been to the mall lately? Stepped into Brookstone and checked out some of their massage chairs? Well, OSIM has an interesting piece of equipment that...

Ladies…Get That “Shake Weight”

I hesitated a bit before posting this commercial, but then I thought, what the hell; maybe it'll make somebody laugh. And yes, I specifically call...

Add The Pilates Ball To Your Workout

Having a Pilates fitness ball is the main component of a Pilates ball workout routine. A ball workout routine is easy to learn and involves a number of different workout methods. The purpose of using a Pilates ball for exercise, means the impact on the body of repetitive actions, is less so more can be achieved without pain and resulting in a better exercise session.

Stay Injury Free In The Gym

Listen, if you want to get big, you have to train big. Entering the gym and simply going through the motions without a sweat just isn't going to get the job done. You have to overload those muscles with heavy weight and high intensity if you want to see real results. This is without a doubt the most effective means of stimulating muscular growth. Muscles grow due to a natural adaptive survival response, and if you don't give them a damn good reason to grow, well, they won't.

The Role of a Good Nutrition Plan in Muscle Gain

Whether you are new to the world of bodybuilding or you have simply decided to take a look and find out why you are told the things that you are, you will find that one of the most important things that you need to think about is protein.

Squats With…The Dog

Need a training partner to get in shape with? Check it out [youtube]

Achieve the Best Results in the Gym

A healthy exercise routine should include weight training to build healthy muscles, even if you are not a bodybuilder. Your reason for working out may be to get healthy or to improve muscle definition. Whatever your motivation, these tips will help you to achieve your aims.

How to Get Fit for Free

If you’d love to get fit but don’t have any funds just now to join a gym or buy the latest fitness equipment, don’t...