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February 3, 2015

Addressing Addiction in America [Infographic]

The CDC has declared prescription drug abuse an epidemic in our country. In 2011, the United States had 5% of the world’s population, but was consuming 75% of the world’s prescription drugs. You do the math. That’s a lot of pills. But why are we out consuming every other country when it comes to RX drugs?

“Non-medical” drug abuse means the intentional or unintentional use of medication without a prescription, in any other way than it is prescribed, or for the experience and feeling it causes.

Unfortunately, many people become addicted to prescription drugs that they began taking for legitimate reasons. To minimize the potential risk of pharmaceutical drug addiction, it [...]

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January 25, 2015

How I came around to the Apple Watch

When I was younger, say around 1996 to 2001, I used to wear a watch all the time. However, as time went along I stopped wearing a watch. I had a cell phone, so there was no need to wear a watch, I always had the time in my pocket. I have never been a watch aficionado like many others, I always wore less expensive watches, like a Timex, not the cheap $10 ones mind you, but the slightly more expensive $50 to $75 ones. The biggest reason I stopped wearing a watch was because of work. Whenever I wore one, given what I was doing at the time, the watch would get scratched or a band would break. After having two or three watches break, I decided it was time to stop wearing one. I may go [...]

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January 13, 2015

What type of food you should go for healthy bones

Well, first of all, you need to keep in mind the two major nutrients for building healthy bones – vitamin D and calcium. While calcium strengthens your teeth structure and bones, vitamin D helps in better absorption of calcium and improves bone growth. Although, these nutrients are essential early in life, they also come in helpful as you age. In future, if you develop osteoporosis, a condition where a person is diagnosed with brittle bones, Vitamin D slows down the disease and also prevents fractures. So, to help you out, I’ve listed out some types of food you need to go for healthy bones.

Get your share of lean protein – but not too much. Proteins stimulate the production of [...]

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December 3, 2014

Unhealthy food: Makes skin dry and rough

Skin is an important part of the body and needs proper care to maintain its right composition and texture. ‘Beauty comes from inside‘is an age old saying and is relevant in modern world too. Ideal skin care is the first step toward beautification and maintenance of skin should be given adequate attention. The right food can make your skin glow while the junk food can lead to various types of chronic diseases.

Some food items, if consumed for a long interval of time, can cause acne, while others can cause wrinkles. Eczema and psoriasis is also caused by food. Hence your diet has many implications on your skin. Here are some food items which can ruin the texture of your [...]

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