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5 New Technologies for Increasing Patient Happiness

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People entering a clinic or hospital are seeking more than bare-bones medical care. They’re hoping to receive a sympathetic ear, clear communication, and timely responses to their needs. Health informatics professionals are ever at work, trying to improve medical outcomes. Here are new technologies that have emerged, making for happier patients. A Vital Role The aim of a health informatics …

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Medical Marijuana Is More Complicated Than You Think [Infographic]

One of the biggest changes in drug policy across the United States in recent years has been the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. The proof of its efficacy is undeniable- there are constant stories about children whose seizures have almost completely disappeared with its use to Parkinson’s patients who can lead almost normal lives again. Because of the long …

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5 Goals For Your 30th Birthday


Your 30th year is a turning point.  This age marks the official transition between your early years where you’re allowed to get away with more mistakes, experimentation, and overall less responsibility. It’s important to set up important building blocks for yourself along the way so that by the time you reach 30 you are ready to start your life as …

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Digital Heroin: How Screens Are Like Cocaine [Infographic]

Researchers have recently discovered that activities tied to screens, such as winning at a videogame, can cause the same sensations in the brain as using cocaine can. This is particularly concerning for parents, whose children seem to be getting more screen time than any generation in history. Screens are everywhere, from refrigerators to the back of your headrest in your …

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5 Ways Technology Is Taking Health Care to the Next Level


Technological innovations are continuing to grow, changing health care as it evolves. Technology is playing an increasingly larger role overall, from lab tests to patient registration. New technology such as smartphones and tablets are replacing the traditional monitoring and recording systems, and patients are now even given the opportunity of seeing a doctor from their own home via telemedicine. Here …

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5 High Paying Healthcare Careers You Can Build with an Online Degree


The fact that the advancement in Internet technology has brought greater opportunities in the education sector cannot be overstated. Many people are now able to land high paying jobs in different fields because of certification they received through e-learning. In multidisciplinary fields like public health, careers as well as work environments are quite diverse. Professionals work in different administrative and …

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How Important Are Nurses in the Healthcare System?


Nursing is a popular career. At first glance, you might assume that nurses perform a lesser role than, say, doctors or surgeons. However, what you need to remember is that although nurses are in many ways the ‘support’ staff, they are also the foundation of the whole medical profession. Without nurses, basic medical care is seriously lacking – as Florence …

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