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How We Can Treat and Manage Chronic Pain?


There are countless people who have been suffering from chronic pain syndrome, in fact, it’s really impossible to estimate the total number of these people for it. However, a majority of experts feel that millions of people all across the world are the victim of chronic pain and usually suffer it a lot just because they have no fair understanding …

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5 Times Chiropractors May Help

Most people only see a chiropractor after a serious accident and upon recommendation from their doctors. However, these medical professionals may be used as ongoing, preventative tools for your overall well-being. Specializing in proper spine alignment, getting an adjustment every few weeks has been shown to address a number of issues from recurring headaches to frequent sore muscles from working …

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Genealogy and Your Health

Finding out about your family history via a genealogy problem isn’t just intriguing and fun; it can also be critical to your health. Even if you think you have a firm grasp on the health details of your family tree, there can still be information lurking there you know nothing about. For example, you might find that a portion of …

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Walking Posture Tips for Every Day

Even if you’re fit and get in a daily gym workout, you might be undoing all of that hard work with poor posture the rest of the day. Practicing good posture while walking is a great way to strengthen your spine, prevent injuries, and ensure better health and less pain in old age.  It’s something anyone can do, but too …

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Why Cheat Days Are Actually Good for You

The digital era has caused an explosion in healthy eating habit, calorie counting, and increased fitness awareness. It’s not uncommon to find people logging their food intake and exercise habits with some form of app or activity tracker. Films like Supersize Me and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead drive home the destructive nature of most fast food diets. However, adhering …

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How the Internet can Help You Lose Weight

It’s a fact that a sedentary lifestyle can kill you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, inactivity is directly attributed to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Most of us don’t consider the Internet as a tool toward a healthier lifestyle, but app developers and fitness tracking companies are quickly changing that mindset. Take a …

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Categories of Surgery


There are several different kinds of surgery that can be performed for a number of different reasons. Some are entirely elective, meaning that the patient chooses to undergo a procedure that he or she doesn’t need. Other types of surgery may be necessary to save the patient’s life. There are even exploratory surgeries that don’t treat anything and are instead …

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Why You Should Drink Alcohol in Moderation


Alcohol and alcohol culture are huge facets of the average American life. Wine, beer, and liquors are served at everything from bars to social gatherings, and many people have no reservation about having a drink or two with dinner. While alcohol can be a fun, delicious, and even healthy way to let loose, indulge, or enjoy a meal, drinking alcohol …

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The Proper Steps to File an Injury Claim


Dealing with an injury caused by someone else can be devastating. It can prevent you from living your life the way you wish. More and more people who are dealing with personal injuries are realizing it’s time to get the compensation they deserve. There are a variety of things a person should know when it comes to filing a personal …

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5 Ways Your Food is Killing You


It seems like every year we learn more about the food we eat – specifically the man made and modified kinds. There are all sorts of health risks associated with poor diet. From heart failure to cancer, what you consume can have deadly effects on your body. If you’re curious about what fare you should say farewell to, then read …

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The Superbug Epidemic [Infographic]


Modern medicine is nothing short of a miracle. Treatments and vaccines for once fatal illnesses are now commonplace, saving millions of lives every year. But at what cost? Are all these medicines really helping us, or are they just helping germs and bacteria grow stronger? A trend has been identified within the medical community of bacteria that seem to be …

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A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Gray Hair

gray hair

Gray hair has always been one of the most visible signs of aging. To some, it’s a mark of distinction and sophistication. More often, however, people regard it as unwelcome sign of fading youth. That’s why there’s a strong demand for solutions to gray hair. Researchers have regularly hinted at breakthroughs in this area, and we may finally be on …

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6 Tips to Help You Beat the Smoking Demon


Though the health risks of smoking have been only too well established at this point, millions of people continue this dangerous habit. Many of them insist it’s not by choice. however. Nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug, which makes smoking one of the most difficult habits to quit. Even though the addictive qualities of nicotine are powerful, some people do …

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6 Foods That Aid in Digestion


Increased consumption of processed foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and soda is not only bad for your weight; it wreaks havoc on your digestive system. It’s estimated 60 million Americans suffer from acid reflux (this figure does not include other digestive issues) at least once per month. Many of those who suffer turn to pills for relief. One in ten Americans …

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Are Vitamin Supplements Really a Waste of Money?

In the middle of December, a controversial study appeared in the Annals of Internal Medicine, one that declared that not only were multivitamins not beneficial for the treatment or prevention of disease, but that they may actually contribute to sickness. An editorial that accompanied the research featured the attention-grabbing headline, “Enough is Enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral …

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What are X-Rays?


X-rays are a common way of obtaining bone images to search for irregularities, fractures, or breaks within bones. Used by dentists, doctors, and orthopedists alike, X-rays have become a medical tool that most people don’t think much about. Despite the ordinary use of X-ray machines, how they work is far from simple. Read on for a brief history of the …

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Why are Sports and Safety Glasses Essential?


Safety glasses are usually not a standard part of a typical sports or work uniform, but perhaps they should be. The correction and protection they offer can make the difference between seeing clearly and blurrily. They can also mean the difference between eye health and eye injury. Safety Glasses for Sight One reason for wearing safety glasses during sports and …

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