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Five Ways To A Healthy Smile


Your smile is important. It speaks volumes about your confidence and even your mood. If your teeth aren’t healthy, or you have missing or failing teeth, it can make it difficult for you to smile very often. That’s why dental care should be a top priority, but also for your health. Problems in your mouth can show signs that you …

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The Best Time to Start Using Anti-Aging Products


If age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel, why is it skin hasn’t gotten the memo? For every smooth-skinned 55-year-old there is a 25-year-old with crow’s feet wailing “I’m too young for the anti-aging aisle!” What’s a girl to do? The quick answer is that you need to rethink what anti-aging means. Think Skin …

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How To Get Celebrity Fit


If you watch an television shows or movies it’s pretty likely that at some point you’ve wished you could have some fit stars muscles, abs, or slender waist. They look like they were born that way, but that’s definitely not the case. They work hard to look like that, and you’ll need to as well. Weight loss and muscles aren’t …

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Tangential Experiences With Addiction


  Addiction doesn’t just affect the addicted. It affects families, communities, children, schools, and hospitals. The results of addiction affect finances and safety of people in the proximity of addictive behaviors. It’s not a small issue, and it doesn’t have small results. That’s why it’s so important to understand the various kinds of experiences that individuals can have with it. …

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3 Ways A Treatment Center Works to Aid Recovery


Nearly 24 million Americans are addicted to some kind of substance, yet less than 10% of them seek treatment each year. While the obstacles between you and getting help are different for each individual, a lack of knowledge about what “rehab” entails can be a huge roadblock. There are common myths surrounding almost every form of drug treatment. Contrary to …

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Suitable For Surgery: 4 Things to Know in Preparation for Surgery

With over 50 million inpatient surgeries being performed each year in America, it’s not surprising that you may find yourself preparing to “go under the knife.” Many surgeries are simply routine operations, that do not present a high-risk of complication or danger. Delaying necessary surgeries could result in a potential worsening of condition and lessening of resolve. Before you are …

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Four Strange Foods To Add To Your Diet

healthy food fig

When it comes to eating eating your fruits and vegetables, it’s like you have some certain standbys that you buy each time you go to the store, like lettuce and oranges. When was the last time you tried something different, like a hairy little fruit that has a taste that resembles strawberries. Or, some weird hybrid of two other fruits …

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Sex Addiction Is No Laughing Matter


When Tiger Woods got caught with his pants around his ankles, so to speak, the world up roared in laughter over reports that he was a sex addict. However, as funny as it may seem to someone that has never had any kind of an addiction problem, no addiction is a laughing matter. In fact, sex addiction can lead to …

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