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Hands On: Wahoo Fitness TICKRx

tickrx cover.png

I’m loving getting in shape, which honestly really turns in to a non-ending journey of “staying in shape” and new fitness technology helps keep me motivated.  The TICRx is no exception to this rule since the band gave me a reason to hop on my bike and jog around the neighborhood so that I could put it through its paces. …

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What’s Being Done with Medical Laser Treatments Today?


Laser treatments today use focused light and powerful beams to shape diamonds, cut steel, and perform medical procedures. Lasers are able to be tuned to specific wavelengths that are suitable for specific surgeries, and it’s an extremely accurate way of performing effective medical procedures that help patients to live healthier lives. Since a laser can be used to make very …

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Turn Your Life Around With These Health Tips


We all appreciate the benefits of looking after our bodies. However, the complexities of modern life can make it testing. But there’s no excuse for ignoring the needs of your body, and keeping it in great condition is a must. A healthier you is a happier you, and improving your health will completely change your life for the better. Many …

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How to Look and Feel Younger


Looking and feeling more youthful is something that you can do at any age. Practicing various habits will help you to retain a youthful glow that others will notice. You’ll also experience more energy, and you should get more enjoyment overall when you take great care of yourself. From getting cardio exercise to eating superfoods to avoiding too much sunlight, …

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Ways You Can Get The Body You Want For Summer

hiit training

Now is the time to begin thinking about a body transformation before summer comes. A crash diet before a beach trip sometimes doesn’t work and it isn’t a healthy way of getting the body you want. This combined with the fact that people who do crash diets usually gain the weight back makes a lifestyle change the better option as …

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8 Ways Exercise Helps Your Heart

healthy heart

Whether you hit the gym or hit the streets, exercise improves your heart health. This infographic shows 8 great reasons your heart will thank you for working out. Exercise benefits on the heart include: Helps your heart pump more blood with less strain When you exercise regularly, your heart is strengthened which means it can pump oxygenated blood efficiently around …

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Fitness Resolution Falling By the Wayside?


We’re a month into the new year and the onslaught of folks flooding local gyms is starting to wain. The majority of us make some sort of fitness resolution and most have good intentions but why do so many fail? Are you sticking to your exercise resolution? If you’re like a lot of people, you are starting to lose the …

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What You Should Know About Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury claim

Compensation for a personal injury is directly related to past/present and future medical bills, lost wages and out-of-pocket expenses. Personal injury cases are civil actions not criminal and the injured victim gets justice by receiving compensation from the liable party. When calculating loss amounts or damages, it is required that a price has to be established on things that don’t …

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Private Practice Rehab Therapy Software


Much has been said about the advantages of physical therapy software documentation (EMR), but the benefits extend far beyond cost savings and increased proficiency for private practices. Irrespective of whether you`re a private clinic, multiple clinic facility, or outpatient  or hospital  facility, a private therapy software considerably boosts the bottom-line of a PT facility by recording more thorough, precise clinical …

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