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Comparing Apples To Oranges: Learning About Stuff Through Relativism


In the search for pertinent information about different products or just ‘stuff’ in general, there’s some benefit to comparing things that would otherwise overlook each other. For example, you can compare one kind of apple to every other kind of apple, and there would be some set of consistency involved in the results. But, sometimes comparative information can lead you …

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Newest Technological Developments in Biotech Today


Modern medicine is the promise of health and wellness in the twenty-first century. Although there are hundreds of new technological developments in the biotech field, the following are some of the most widely beneficial and currently available. 

Kidney Dialysis at Home Modern medicine teaches us that the kidneys are the body’s number one waste filtration system. Kidneys work around the …

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Why Do Physicians Need EMR Transcription Services?


Physicians are dealing with a lot of changes today such as – conversion to ICD-10, stricter compliance and regulations, need for meaningful data, etc. Amidst all these changes physicians are forced to convert from using paper records to medical transcription records. It involves transferring of the patient’s data which is either recorded on audio or on paper into an electronic …

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It’s More Than Just Diet and Lifestyle That Improves Our Life Expectancy

Key To Life

The average American has a life expectancy of around 78.8 years as of studies in 2016. Each decade, the life expectancy of humans becomes longer and scientists have often proven that this is due to the diet and lifestyles that the average human has. Scientists have come to this conclusion due to the different life expectancy of people living around …

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Healthcare on the Cloud: What Services are Changing?


Although the healthcare industry was initially slow to move its data and services to the cloud, more than 40% of healthcare companies and providers reported that they are using the cloud in 2016. The move to the cloud is due to enhanced security, cost-effectiveness, and the increased availability of services that enhance efficiency and patient safety. Patient Registries Patient registries …

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Antibiotics: Are We Using Them Too Much?


It’s a common misconception that antibiotics can cure anything and everything. From coughs and colds to STDs, many people believe they’re a cure for everything. According to many doctors, a lot of people request antibiotics to treat conditions that don’t need them. The problem with this is that although antibiotics can be used to clear these illnesses, they’re not needed. …

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Here Is Why You Need To Go See An Eye Doctor

eye doctor

When was the last time you went to the eye doctor? If you don’t have insurance it may have been awhile, unless you found that you needed a new prescription because your glasses weren’t doing their job anymore. You really should be visiting your eye doctor once a year though, especially as you get older. While some people need glasses …

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