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How to Reduce the Amount of Stress in Your Home

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Stress is often called “the number one silent killer”. Although we can’t exactly prove it, if we take a closer look at the ten leading causes of death worldwide according to WHO (World Health Organization), we can see that chronic stress is associated with six of them. A huge amount of stress accumulates during the day, so it’s very important …

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How Tech Is Keeping Healthcare In Check

It’s incredible that, even in the space of the last few years, the face of the healthcare industry has changed unimaginably. Medicine has always progressed and improved, continuously growing safer, more effective and more advanced with every passing century, but technology has accelerated this process astronomically. Now medicine and the healthcare provided to each and every one of us is …

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Causes Of The Big C


No one likes to talk about cancer, but it is very important that we do. By opening up a lot more, we can help people get their symptoms checked over to see whether they do in fact have cancer. And that’s not all. An increased awareness of the causes of the disease has been shown to help people better protect …

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Top Tips For Supporting A Recovering Addict

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Living with a recovering addict can be fraught with worry, stress, and frustrations. While you want to support them the most you can, some days it can make you feel invisible, and help seems futile. Watching someone you love go through withdrawal, and try to rebuild their lives after such a huge change can be really tricky, but it is …

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The Benefits of Alternative Medicine


We all hear about different ways to heal our bodies and our minds through alternative medicine, but most of us have doubts over its validity. After all we live in a world of science and a lot of us leave very little room for spirituality into our lives as we feel that it simply won’t work. However, even science can …

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4 Apps for Improving Personal Health


It’s difficult to fit a healthy routine into today’s breakneck pace of life, but taking care of your body and mind is easier when you have the right technology at your fingertips. You can head to an Android tech source such as Android Headlines to learn about health apps and more. Also be sure to check out the following apps …

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