Lance Gilliland

Gaming: The Detail episodes 1-3

Just in time for the long weekend, here's a game review for a game ON SALE (steam) through July 4, 2016.  Not an affiliate link, just go enjoy.  Seriously, even if you don't really like it... it's less than 6 dollars right now... generally less than ...

Gaming: ZHEROES, a first look

Today we're taking a look at an indie game - ZHEROES, ( from Rimlight Studios.  The game is available for XBox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) for $14.99.  We have been playing the Steam version using an XBOX controller for a number...

Game Play – This War of Mine

I'm always on the look out for a fun new game to play on my iPhone.  Now that I have  the iPhone 6S Plus, the screen is large enough to better enjoy complex and busy games on the small screen.  While I have an iPad (it's an old iPad2), it was never o...

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