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James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

#ITNVOTD – Greatest Vines Compilation 2013

THIS compilation video has a life of it’s own.

It’s been uploaded on YouTube previously, taken down for a couple time by YouTube for terms violations. It’s been written about in a number of blogs (I first heard about it through a post on Gizmodo).

I then wrote to the compilation creator to say I loved it, wanted it and would definitely be including it in a future #ITNVOTD segment.

That brings us to today – Eric has remixed the compilation and it’s live – ENJOY!

Some stuff may be NSFW so if you’re in the office you may want to have the volume turned down a bit.


#ITNVOTD – Elon Musk and Richard Branson

Incredibly insightful Google+ Hangout that I sat on this past Thursday with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Virgin chairman Richard Branson.

Musk and Branson were speaking as part of a Google for Entrepreneurs sponsored session.

If you’re an entrepreneur, planning to be an entrepreneur, or just want to hear some great dialogue from two individuals that have succeeded (and failed at times) in business – this is a great session to listen to.


#ITNVOTD – Blurred Lines

Jimmy Fallon, Robin Thicke & The Roots play “Blurred Lines” on classroom instruments in the Late Night “Music Room.”

(instrument list below)

  • Jimmy Fallon – wood block, Casio keyboard
  • Robin Thicke – spoons
  • Questlove – wooden clacker
  • Mark Kelley – kazoo
  • Kamal Gray – xylophone
  • James Poyser – melodica
  • Captain Kirk – ukulele
  • Tuba Gooding Jr. – recorder, banana shaker
  • Frank Knuckles – cowbell
  • Black Thought — maraca

Source | YouTube

It only takes one person to start a revolution

August 16th is the day that JOBS hits theaters.

There’s been much talk about the film; many trailers and posters released across entertainment television and various online publications.

For those enthusiasts and fans of not only the Apple culture, the film, and the actors behind the forthcoming film…there is a Ask Me Anything, hosted by Reddit that will include BOTH Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad.

The Ask Me Anything will be Thursday, August 8th from 9:30am – 10:30am PST

The extraordinary story of Steve Jobs, the original innovator and ground-breaking entrepreneur who let nothing stand in the way of greatness. The film tells the epic and turbulent story of Jobs as he blazed a trail that changed technology — and the world – forever.

Wearable Technology to Keep People Connected at Outside Lands

Esurance, the direct-to-consumer insurance company, is partnering with digital innovation agency ClearHart Digital to revolutionize the music festival experience like never before.

The insider band lets Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival attendees stay connected, save memories, and even win prizes, all with the tap of the wrist. Only available to 10,000 of the festival’s 65,000-a-day audience, the insider band is the future of concerts.

“We are excited to partner with Clearhart Digital to bring concertgoers into the twenty-first century,” said Esurance Vice President of Marketing, Darren Howard. “This emerging technology aligns perfectly with Esurance’s approach of providing innovative tools to make experiences better – whether that’s insurance or a music festival.”

Uniquely connected to each attendee and their Facebook profile, the insider bands allows festival-goers to tap specially marked towers around the festival to take and upload photos, save memories like music set lists, and remember brewery or winery names from Outside Lands’s famous Beer and Wine Lands. Most importantly, users can check in at different stages and landmarks, see where their friends are checked in, and send messages to their network.

“We know first-hand how frustrating it can be to stay in touch at big events,” says ClearHart Director of Strategy, Erica Mannherz. “These days, we expect to be able to check in with our friends at all times. The insider band lets you do that effortlessly, without taking you out of the festival experience (or having to worry about dying phone batteries).”

Outside Lands ticket holders can register for insider bands here. At the festival, Insiders can then pick up their unique bands at the Esurance tent at the Polo Field. Tapping an insider band at any of the towers will allow access to a personalized dashboard where users can:

  • Instantly win cool prizes
  • Take photos and upload them to Facebook
  • Download set lists
  • Remember food and drinks
  • Check in and find your friends
  • Send friends messages

When it’s all over, users can relive their favorite moments by accessing an online memory bank full of photos, music, and cool stuff they did during their epic weekend at Outside Lands.


Breaking Bad’s Finale Episodes Coming Exclusively To Netflix In The UK And Ireland

Folks in the UK are getting the love first from Netflix for Breaking Bad…

the final episodes of the critically acclaimed drama will be available exclusively to members in the UK and Ireland starting on 12 August. New episodes will be available every Monday – following the US broadcast.

We are thrilled to be bringing the highly-anticipated Final Season of Breaking Bad to Netflix members in the UK and Ireland on a first-run basis,” said Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. “Breaking Bad is a once in a generation calibre of show and continues to be a huge success on Netflix.

Creator of the show, Vince Gilligan said, “Netflix has been instrumental in making Breaking Bad the success that it is – particularly in the UK and Ireland, where it has built an audience and become a huge phenomenon. I am delighted that fans there will be able to enjoy the end of Breaking Bad on Netflix so soon after it airs in the US.”

Breaking Bad stars Emmy-award winners Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul and follows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned crystal meth kingpin trying to secure his family’s financial future.

All previous seasons of Breaking Bad are currently available for members to watch instantly.

PR Summit

HicksNewMedia is thrilled and honored to be one of the agencies of record working with Shaun Saunders of Graffiti PR to promote and sponsor the 4th Annual PR Summit in San Francisco on July 30-31.

This MUST ATTEND conference will have the top tier influencers in business, technology, marketing, and of course PR attending and speaking.

Since the conference will be so dynamic, we’ve decided to by dynamic in our coverage. This dedicated page will highlight the BEST updates, responses and engagements coming from all the major social media streams.

At it’s core, the PR Summit curates and assembles media influencers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and public relations practitioners under one-roof, who take part in intense panel discussions, debates, & breakout sessions. This (2)-day conference will break down longstanding myths, and bring together the best marketing minds, about “What Role Public Relations Plays Today” in today’s hyper 24-hour content news cycle.

This year, the PR Summit will explore themes and big ideas that take the (D) out of ‘Disruptive’ and (UN) out of ‘Un-Conference’. CONTENT, ENGAGEMENT & STORYTELLING. Each theme builds on current trends and pain-points communicators and content shape-shifters are facing today. Panel discussions will explore how “Noise in the Quiet Period: Making the Most of a Company’s IPO”, & “How Body Language Impacts PR & Profits” to “The Role of Storytelling in Design & Product Development” and “PR for Crowdfunded Projects in Age of Kickstarter”.

Our team will be on-the-scene as well with cameras and microphones in hand so be sure to bookmark this page and come back frequently.

Note: Below the dynamic content you’ll find our photo gallery AND the list of Twitter IDs for the attendees.

[listly id=”6Rl” layout=”gallery”]

The Wolverine

Just in case you needed more of a compelling reason to go see The Wolverine – here’s some behind-the-scenes footage showing the collaboration between the film itself, Audio, Ducati and Canon.

That’s some heavy hitters there – you GOTTA get in line for this one!


Audi USA, joining forces with 20th Century Fox, today announced the release of original content high-speed light painting inspired by The Wolverine and starring the Audi 2014 R8 V10 Spyder and the Ducati Diavel Cromo motorcycle to promote the film, in theaters nationwide this Friday.

The pieces, captured by a Canon EOS C300 digital camera at the Tango Row air strip at San Bernadino International Airport in California, promote the integration of the Audi brand in a uniquely artistic manner. The content uses long exposures of the iconic headlights and tail lights of the vehicles to create a “light painting” of Wolverine’s Adamantium claws, using a combination of live action and computer-generated imagery.

The campaign was inspired by Audi’s role in the movie and its joint activity with 20th Century Fox.

Woverine_Audi_ Poster_USA

Video Source

Fans’ Tweets Become Songs for Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger

Wendy’s is celebrating America’s love of the soft pretzel starting today with its product introduction of the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.

The Wendy’s marketing campaign is going to do it’s best to get fans and patrons involved.

When Wendy’s tested the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger in three markets earlier this year, consumers expressed their love of pretzel bread and posted their reviews online. This created a viral outpouring of consumers searching for the sandwich at their local Wendy’s. This love fest became the impetus for new social-by-design digital program.

“We’re taking fans’ comments about this innovative cheeseburger and amplifying their love by turning their actual Tweets and Facebook posts into lyrics for Pretzel Love Songs,” said Craig Bahner, Wendy’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Wendy’s social media effort invites customers to post their feelings about the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger using the hashtag #PretzelLoveSongs on Twitter and Facebook.

“One of my favorite tweets from a consumer: ‘Just took my first bite of @Wendys Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger and I think my soul just smiled,’ ” confesses Bahner.

Wendy’s will turn the most creative posts into love song lyrics, scored and sung by professional musicians and vocalists. These will be featured in five original music videos throughout the summer. The finale video will feature Nick Lachey crooning Pretzel Love Songs from lucky fans’ Tweets.

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re a big Nick Lachey fan keep reading…

Wendy’s will host an exclusive, live event in New York City on today (July 8). Nick Lachey will sing Tweets using some of the most creative and love-filled posts from Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger fans.

The public can participate by watching the live stream webpage or on Wendy’s Facebook page at 6:30 pm EDT and submit their feelings for the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger using the hashtag #PretzelLoveSongs. Wendy’s and Lachey will select his favorite posts and incorporate them into a Pretzel Love Songs finale video in August.


Hankook Tires

The time has come once again – it’s Summer, the kids are out of school, many families are taking vacation and we all know what that means – a lot of driving.

Many families choose to drive their own vehicles instead of renting a car for vacations travel and that can entail some serious wear and tear on on your vehicle.

Here are 4 key items you can do to ensure that your vehicle is ready for those long journeys across the highway and even just the strain of driving under the raised temperatures that come with the Summer months.

1 – Tire Pressure and Wear and How To Check For Tire Wear

Underinflated tires increase tire wear, waste gas, and can lead to an accident.

Find the tire pressure level required for your car – this is always labeled directly on the doorjamb on the driver side. Take note that the front may have a different pressure requirement than the rear tires.

Check the pressure when the tires are cold, meaning before you’ve done a lot of driving since with driving, tires heat up and you could get inaccurate readings.

I highly recommend getting a digital tire gauge to keep in your glove compartment so you can check your pressure every few weeks and fill your tires as appropriate.

Tire Wear

There are so many factors that can contribute to tire wear. That being said, I found a great chart online that shows the common clues, culprits, and remedy for fixing tire wear

2 – Check Fluids

This doesn’t mean fuel – there are other fluids that must be attended to in your vehicle.

Oil, transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and brake fluid should be on your quarterly list of car fluids that must be checked.

True many newer automobiles no longer need to have their oil changed every 3 months or 3000 miles, but still check that and the other fluids.

For one you don’t want to find out you have a leaky fluid system too late.

3 – Wipers

Even in the Summer months those wipers should be in tip-top shape. We may not get the rain, but clearing dirt and bugs from the windshield is a year round chore. No one wants cracked and dysfunctional wiper blades while trying to clear a moth attack from their windshield.

4 – Check the Trunk

Here’s a good one to keep in mind as well. Where’s your tire jack? How about the first aid kit? That roadside assistance kit with flares, reflectors and flat fix foam, those are all items that should be in the vehicle and checked at regular intervals.

It’s like insurance – you’d prefer not to use it, but life sure is a lot better when you have it.

Back to #1 – our tires take the biggest brunt of our daily commutes and really need to be maintained. I’m rolling a Chevy on Hankook Tires myself. It’s about time to replace the tires on my wife’s Ford and we’re checking out the new Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 tires.

I did a bit of research and see that these Ventus S1 Noble2 tires have all the right specs that a car enthusiast wants from a high quality tire.

  • 50,000 mile limited tread ware warranty
  • Series 30-55
  • Inch 16-20
  • Speed Symbol – W
  • A straight Rib Block design applied to the outside of the tire’s contact patch helps to prevent unwanted road noise and increase cornering grip.

Those are 5 items that are important to me and with the added value of a $80 rebate coupon– I can’t help but make the recommendation for the Hankook Tires.


If the rebate is something that may move the needle for you to jump on this deal too, then first you should be aware of the fine print (there’s always fine print)…

Qualifying products and their specs are:

  • Ultra-High Performance Summer:  Ventus V12 evo– As winter turns to spring and then summer, drivers searching for the ultimate in Ultra-High Performance tire ability need to look no further than the Ventus V12 evo.  Having earned high marks from some of the most respected automotive and consumer magazines in the world, the Ventus V12 evo incorporates an innovative design that provides superior braking, handling and feedback under the most demanding driving conditions.
  • Ultra-High Performance All-Season: Ventus S1 noble2– With an Asymmetric tread pattern, the Ventus S1 noble2 incorporates a Four Channel Rib Design for efficient water evacuation and an advanced silica rubber compound to offer impressive wet handling and braking. A straight Rib Block design applied to the outside of the tire’s contact patch helps to prevent unwanted road noise and increase cornering grip, while multiple 3D Kerfs and Carving Edges provide improved winter condition traction. Additionally, the Ventus S1 noble2 offers a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.
  • Premium Touring All-Season:  Optimo H727 – For drivers looking for a Premium Touring All-Season tire, the Optimo H727 has their needs covered. Designed to provide drivers with a quiet, composed ride, the Optimo H727 comes with an amazing 100,000 mile limited treadwear warranty, one of the best in the industry.
  • Premium Highway All-Season Light Truck/SUV:  Dynapro HT– The Dynapro HT is designed to provide drivers of Light Trucks, Vans and SUVs improved snow traction, low rolling resistance for improved vehicle fuel economy and longer treadwear.  Additionally, the Dynapro HT is backed by a 70,000 mile treadwear and road hazard limited warranty in its P-Metric sizes.

If you can deal with those requirements you’re good to go!

What are you doing to keep your automobile in top shape for the Summer months?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Hankook Tires. The opinions and text are all mine.

What’s Manny Ramirez Doing Now?

[is-gateway name=”HicksNewMedia” id=”INFOtainmentNews”]Manny has had his share of ups and downs in the public life (mainly downs), he’s definitely not on my list of favorite athletes.

Which is why it was kinda gratifying to see his latest actions while playing baseball in Taiwan.

H/T Busted Coverage

Image | Source

Kris Kross – Jump

In memory of the gone too soon Chris Kelly, Mac Daddy from Kris Kross

ATLANTA – Chris Kelly of the rap group “Kris Kross” has died, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office.
Kelly, 34, was known as “Mac Daddy” in the group, which was best known for the 1992 song “Jump.”
He was found unconscious at his home. He was pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center’s south campus around 5:30 p.m.
The cause of death was not immediately known.

Source: myfoxatlanta.com

Coach Rick Pitino Gets His Tattoo

He said he would.

After winning the 2013 NCAA championship, Louisville coach Rick Pitino came through on this promise to his team and recently got his very own ink.

Coach wasn’t fearing the pain of the needlework. When asked, Pitino stated…

“It wasn’t even close to the pain I had with kidney stones,” Pitino said. “That was like an ‘A’ in pain, this was a ‘C.'”

The design was coach’s too – the Louisville “L,” “2013,” “NCAA Champions” and the team’s final record of 35-5.


As far as the parlor that did the work, enter Adam Potts with an ingenious entrepreneurial idea.

Adam Potts has lived in Louisville his entire life, so as the owner of a tattoo shop in town, Tattoo Salvation, he saw this as an opportunity. He sent a letter to Pitino saying he’d be interested in doing the work and the kicker, per Potts, “I was running a free special for any Hall of Fame coaches who won an NCAA championship in the last 30 days.” So yeah, the tattoo was free for Pitino.

Video courtesy of UofL Athletics

Cigar Choices

In honor of 420 day I thought I’d make our List-of-the-Week (#LOTW) a collection of great smokes.

The legal kind though…

I’m an amateur cigar aficionado so here is the INFOtainment News List-of-the-Week: Best Cigar Brands

[listly id=”4ON” layout=”gallery”]

Outside of these name brands, what is your favorite size (Corona, Torpedo, Rothschild,…) and tobacco origin (Nicaraguan, Dominican, Cuban,…)

Ronin-M Lightweight Camera Stabilizer