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James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HicksNewMedia, a Digital Publishing and Technology Consulting team providing effective and relevant solutions to individuals and businesses looking to more effective utilize the social interweb. Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

Charge Your Apple Watch With The MiTagg NuDock

I’ve pre-ordered my Apple Watch – went with the 42mm Sport model in Space Gray with the black sport band.

My shipment date is scheduled around 4-6 weeks, which is perfect since I just ordered this MiTagg NuDock docking station to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch.

It’s been a while since I ordered something from an Indiegogo campaign. This particular item really caught my eye not just for the fact that it’s an integrated piece that’ll charge both the iPhone and Apple Watch. And also not necessarily because it has a nice lamp feature. What really caught my attention was the portable battery that was included and the functionality included within that battery (the ability to locate your iPhone or Apple Watch, similar to what Tile does and the ability to snap photos using a remote trigger integrated into the battery pack).

Very slick!

Watch the video below for more on this coolness.

I was able to get in early enough to get the special perk of receiving 2 docking stations for the $129 price. The page says that pricing will end tonight and raise to $149.

Peyton “Peanut” Henderson Bustin’ Moves For Kentucky

The scene – the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) Sweet 16 boys basketball tournament

During pre-game warmups, they played Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”

That’s all young Peyton “Peanut” Henderson needed to show his stuff.


If THAT wasn’t enough, the crowd loved Peyton so much, he was asked to head on the court during a timeout to dance with the mascot. This time the tune was Bruno Mars and “Uptown Funk”


Shouts out to his Aunt Angie for capturing this.

PLEASE Don’t Text and Drive [video]

All it takes is a few seconds of distracted driving…

Meanwhile…… I only looked at my Smartphone for a second, what could possibly go wrong?

Posted by Stanley Roberts KRON 4 on Sunday, February 22, 2015

Joyous String Quartet Plays Smooth Criminal [MUST SEE]

Joyous String Quartet has been playing together since 4 years old. When you see them you’ll realize that THAT wasn’t that long ago…

They’ve made appearances on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, SBS Star King in Korea and the Hunan TV Day Up show in China, just to name a few…

Based in Long Island New York, Joyous Ensemble and Joyous Quartet perform 20 concerts a year around the world.

If they come to my city – I’m buying tickets!

Keep up with these young musicians on Facebook and YouTube. You can find more information about their music school here.

Quiet Night – Less Crying, More Brain For Your Baby

Parents listen up!

Especially those parents of infants and toddlers. I’ve been there – I have 2 children of my own so I know the joys and challenges.

When a baby is crying and you’re trying to sleep or do other activities, there is only so much soothing and jingling of keys that you can do.

You also don’t want to plop your little one in front of a TV screen for hours upon end because singing dinosaurs and flying unicorns gets old after awhile too.

Enter a breath-of-fresh-air concept born out of the minds of technologists, Quiet Night.

Quiet Night is being positioned as an interactive music device that reduces night-time crying and helps develop your baby’s brain.

The word interactive is the key here – there is a handle that mounts in your baby’s crib that, when pulled, interacts with a mobile app and base station to play hundreds of soothing classical songs.

The connection between the app, the base station and the handle pulled by the baby work in such a way to “learn” your baby’s taste and preference in music. The more pulls on the handle, the more that type of music is played. Ingenius.

I fully support the team behind the science, research and development of this product and look forward to seeing the product available for sale soon.

There is an Indiegogo campaign that runs through April 23, 2015. The team is working to raise $100,000 and have already raised over $30,000 (in only 2 days)!

If you have any questions about this product or campaign you can find more information at the following locations:

Facebook | Twitter | Website

Sam Smith and John Legend Perform For Red Nose Day

Grammy winner Sam Smith and Oscar winner John Legend have teamed up to record a duet of the British crooner’s In the Lonely Hour hit “Lay Me Down” for the upcoming Comic Relief special. The track, available now on all digital retailers, will serve as the official single of Red Nose Day, a British charity occurring every two years where residents don clown noses to help raise awareness and funds for Comic Relief.

Smith and Legend will perform their duet live for the first and only time on March 13th at the live Comic Relief – Face the Funny special at London’s Palladium.

Source | RollingStone.com


I must rethink my coffee consumption.

Convenience vs environmental sustainability…

The guy who invented the K-Cup, John Sylvan, doesn’t even own one

“I don’t have one. They’re kind of expensive to use,” Sylvan told The Atlantic. Sylvan isn’t just worried about the negative impact of K-Cups on his wallet. As with plenty of environmental activists, he’s concerned about all those plastic pods ending up in landfills. With enough K-Cups sold in 2014 to encircle the globe at least 10.5 times, Sylvan seems to be regretting his invention.

“I feel bad sometimes that I ever did it,” he said.

There’s a change.org petition that has been generated demanding that Keuring begin making universally recyclable K-Cup coffee pods now and not by 2020 as the company has loosly committed – and YES, I’ve signed the petition


Along with the change.org petition there is a full blown campaign going viral on social media under the hashtag #killthekcup – follow those conversations here.

This is serious folks, we need to act.

I guess I’m looking for a new coffee machine too. Any suggestions?

Jodeci – “Every Moment” [video]

Jodeci is BACK!

It’s been 20 years since K-Ci, DeVante, JoJo and Mr. Dalvin have released a new album, but from the sounds of this new track, Every Moment, the fellas haven’t lost their R&B serenading chops!

This, their fourth album The Past, The Present, The Future is due out on March 31st.

Marshawn Lynch ” Family First”

The week we find out that Marshawn submitted paperwork to trademark his “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” statement, we get notice of this promo called “Family First – The Marshawn Lynch story”

Per the notes on YouTube, “…this is only a promotion to spark interest in this bio picture and this is NOT a trailer.”

Your thoughts?

Speed Dating – Ford Style

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Ford has whipped up a great practical joke for some unsuspecting guys who think they’re on a blind date with a lovely, seemingly shy young lady.

Watch this video and see just how deceiving looks can be.

Oh and major recognition to to this cool new Ford Mustang GT.

I’m really loving what Ford is doing lately – the car manufacturing, obviously, but the story about James Robertson, who walked 21 miles to work everyday to be surprised with a new Ford – that speaks volumes. Watch that video below:

Straight Outta Compton

Coming to a theater near you this Summer. August 14, 2015 to be exact.

I don’t even think Arabian Prince, DJ Yella, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube and MC Ren would have imagined back in the late 80s that their popularity, and wealth, would be at the levels they are today.

This is real life “started from the bottom now we here” story.

Definitely looking forward to seeing their story!

24 Real Estate Experts Share Secrets On Boosting Home Values On A Budget

I saw this post in my Twitter feed. It came through Guy Kawasaki’s AllTop feed.

What caught my attention was the title, “24 Real Estate Experts Share Secrets On Boosting Home Values On A Budget”, since my wife and I are right in the midst of planning to move by the end of this calendar year, I was curious to see what the “experts” had to say about getting a home ready for sale and not having to break the bank to do it.

To my surprise – we’re right in line with the consensus listed in this infographic AND to top it off, I know two of the experts interviewed for data. Shouts out to Nellie Akalp and Ryan Lundquist.

Source | www.coastalgroupoc.com

Go To McDonald’s – Pay With Lovin’

Maybe I’m extra sentimental right now because my oldest child, my daughter, turns 13 tomorrow. That’s pulling at my heart strings a bit, but this right here has me as well.

February 2nd through 14th, 2015 McDonald’s will be randomly selecting patrons to pay for their meal with – Lovin’

The participants will be chosen “at randomized, predetermined times” between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. local time each day, according to the McDonald’s website.

Just watch the video!

Things like this really help to restore my faith in humanity.

Facebook Chat Enhancements

Since half the world seemed to freak out over Facebook being unavailable for 30 minutes earlier this week, I figured any news about the platform would be something people would read…

All joking aside, this is a cool functionality update. Facebook is releasing the ability to have your chat window minimize with thumbnails on the right side of the screen and then auto-expand as you hover your mouse over your friends names.

This is more convenient, in my opinion, than the pop-up box that normally resides at the bottom right of the screen.

Here’s what it looks like from my view.


Ronin-M Lightweight Camera Stabilizer