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5 Ways That eBooks Encourage Reluctant Readers


All teachers and parents want kids to read widely, but even if all children start learning to read at the same time, some are going to be left behind. These are reluctant readers, children, usually teenage boys, who either refuse to read or have trouble with reading in comparison with their classmates. It can have adverse effects later on in …

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Different Management Structures (and the Pros and Cons of each)


In all organization, effective management is key to growth and success. This is because good management principles encourage goal-setting, planning, team-work as well as the effective implementation of projects. As a result, there’s clear direction for the organization through the communication of its vision. To this end, management structures ensure organizational growth and profitable returns for stakeholders. Choosing the right …

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The Future of Virtual Meetings


The Internet has spearheaded the movement towards instant forms of communication since its early days. Email, message boards and instant messaging software have been helping people to connect more conveniently for decades. It’s the success of these technologies that has driven innovators to come up with new methods, protocols and options for bridging the gap between people using the avenues …

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Outcomes: Choosing a Major

The  Graduates

Though there’s more to a job than a paycheck, your major often dictates your income. Most academic fields have at least one major with relatively higher earnings. Here’s a great infographic from the team at Online College Plan that shows the perceived relationship of major-to-salary. Source: OnlineCollegePlan.com

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5 tips for maintaining fitness motivation


Everybody is responsive to the advantages of normal exercise. We have a tendency to all need to appear smart and keep match. Most people even begin a fitness program with all the keenness and energy. However, what percentage people are literally able to reap the results of AN exercise program? Only a few. The explanation is that almost all people …

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Online and Mobile Gaming: The Latest Technological Revolution


The world of technology is constantly evolving, while the pace of this advancement seems to gather momentum with every single day. This is especially true in the online market, where the impact of mobile technology has revolutionised everything from real-time interaction to the way in which everyday tasks are completed. The gaming market has changed beyond all recognition during the …

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How to Download free Music on PC, Mac and iPhone


Where do you get new music? Buy on iTunes or Amazon? Although their media libraries are huge, they lack some rare recordings, amateur and professional remixes, and local songs. Meanwhile, YouTube and SoundCloud provide almost all possible tracks in a variety of versions. And what’s great, you can get all these tracks absolutely free and without special tech knowledge. Let’s …

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