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Genius Motivators – 6 Attributes of Effective Coaches


There is nothing quite as rewarding as leading a team to victory, whether at the amateur, college, or professional level. Becoming an effective coach takes hard work and dedication, and while outsiders may not be quick to give you the credit, the satisfaction earned from the respect and admiration of your players is unmatched. If you’re looking to take your …

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How Important Are Nurses in the Healthcare System?


Nursing is a popular career. At first glance, you might assume that nurses perform a lesser role than, say, doctors or surgeons. However, what you need to remember is that although nurses are in many ways the ‘support’ staff, they are also the foundation of the whole medical profession. Without nurses, basic medical care is seriously lacking – as Florence …

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An Introduction to Beijing Style Cuisine

beijing dim sum chicks

Beijing style cuisine a type of Chinese fare that originated in the capital of the People’s Republic of China.  This sort of cuisine is often also referred to as Jing cuisine or Mandarin cuisine, and it has become famous for both its style and diversity.  Here is some background on the history and character of Beijing cuisine, what sorts of …

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5 Unique Tattoos Inspired By The Great Outdoors


Our world is saturated in beauty that radiates around us like Saturn’s rings. A tattoo that pays homage to nature can reinforce a lasting bond with flora and fauna. Below are a few ideas to get you brainstorming of the perfect tattoo, courtesy of Mother Earth. Spirits of the Forest If you’ve ever seen Princess Mononoke, you understand the art …

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The A-Team: Preparing Your Staff For Action


As an entrepreneur, building the best team possible is one of the most important challenges you’ll ever face. Not only do those employees represent your business. More importantly, they provide the driving force that will either fire it to success or see it crash and burn. Without a winning team behind the business, the brakes will be slammed on your …

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Is Your Office Bringing Your Employees Down?

glass ceiling

A company’s office is exceptionally important to the business. Add not just because it gives all the employees a space in which they can work together! Did you know that how your office looks has a big effect on how your staff works? A bad office can make employees unmotivated and can ultimately hinder your company’s productivity. However, if you …

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