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How to Reduce the Amount of Stress in Your Home

stress relief

Stress is often called “the number one silent killer”. Although we can’t exactly prove it, if we take a closer look at the ten leading causes of death worldwide according to WHO (World Health Organization), we can see that chronic stress is associated with six of them. A huge amount of stress accumulates during the day, so it’s very important …

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Keeping Your Cool While Moving House

moving boxes

Some people may only move a few times in their life; some not at all. You could be a person that moves at least once a year, either for work or personal purposes, or somebody who gets wanderlust a little too often and can’t settle in one place for too long. Whatever your reasoning for moving (or not moving), there …

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How to Make More Money in Your Restaurant

restaurant food

Opening a restaurant is a popular endeavor these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Owning your own eating establishment comes with its own prestige: a reserved table any time you come in, a fun incentive to offer friends and family, and an exciting investment that keeps you on your toes. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in …

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How Tech Is Keeping Healthcare In Check

It’s incredible that, even in the space of the last few years, the face of the healthcare industry has changed unimaginably. Medicine has always progressed and improved, continuously growing safer, more effective and more advanced with every passing century, but technology has accelerated this process astronomically. Now medicine and the healthcare provided to each and every one of us is …

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Have you backed up your files?

data protection

In today’s world, there are ever-increasing factors that will impact the security of the files that you store. Whether you are someone who stores files like bills, expenses, your own work for college or university etc. or if you have a business, backing up files is more important than it has ever been before. How many times have you heard …

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Mistakes To Avoid On Your Road Trip


You don’t need me to tell you how great road trips are. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already planned yours. The open road is beautiful enough, but coupling that with the excitement of visiting new places, whether they might be cities you’ve always admired in films, towns with quaint sights or majestic landmarks on the other side of the …

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What’s Next for the Future of Voice Recognition?

future voice tech

The past decade enjoyed major advances in voice recognition technology, bringing to life many ideas that were once thought to be the stuff of science fiction or fantasy.  While still not completely error-proof, speech recognition technology has become more user-friendly and more accurate than ever.  Here is a look at how advanced speech technology is being used in our lives …

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