Are Your Employees as Productive as Possible?

Have you ever wandered by an employee's desk and saw him or her posting on Facebook, playing on a smartphone, or surfing the web? Do your employees stand around the coffee machine chatting for way too long? As a business owner or manager, you probabl...

4 Apps for Improving Personal Health

It’s difficult to fit a healthy routine into today’s breakneck pace of life, but taking care of your body and mind is easier when you have the right technology at your fingertips. You can head to an Android tech source such as Android Headlines to le...
shuffle along

What You Should Know About Shuffle Along

If you’re looking for an exciting night on the town, look no further: Shuffle Along on Broadway is the show you’ve been waiting for. This musical, starring acclaimed actress Audra McDonald, brings you compelling and touching characters while diving i...
Flint Michigan water

The Timeline of the Flint Water Crisis

There has been plenty of national coverage about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Many people do not realize the reasons Flint is going through such a nightmare. The timeline below illuminates the decisions of those in local government as well as...
Michael Phelps

Olympic Profile: Michael Phelps

Just a year after Michael Phelps retired from professional swimming in 2012, he was back training again for Rio 2016. In an interview he confessed, “Retirement was pretty boring, to be honest…It’s good to have some structure back in my life”.  Howeve...
father and son

Father and Son Bonding Activities

Bonding with a teenager can seem nearly impossible as many teens do not want to spend their free time with their parents. It is important to bond with your teen but it is also important not to force it on them. The more that spending time is forced o...


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