Odds say Tesla Cybertruck To Receive Most Pre-Orders

According to the odds-makers at, the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck which was unveiled yesterday at Tesla’s Design Studio in Hawthorne, California, is the odds-on favorite at 1/1 to secure the most pre-orders from among  electric vehicles introduced this week.  The odds for the Ford Mustang Mach-E leading in pre-orders is 3/1 while odds on the Audi e-Tron Sportback being the top seller is 7/1.

But when it comes to which company will sell the most electric vehicles in 2021, Ford, at 3/1 is closing in on Tesla (2/1) with Volkswagen (5/1) not too far behind.  The odds-makers have set the over/under on total 2021 electric vehicle sales in the U.S. at 529,500 (a roughly 45% increase from 361,000 in 2018). 

Since Tesla’s stunt of having engineer Franz von Holzhausen throw a ball at the window failed, the odds-makers are laying odds of 2/1 that Elon Musk posts a “redo” video by 2020.  With odds of 100/1 the odds-makers believe it is less likely that von Holzhausen is invited to throw out first pitch at MLB game next season.

Source: Guardian News

Here’s a host of odds regarding the electric vehicle category from the odds-makers at  


Which electric vehicle unveiled this week (and currently taking preorders) will receive more pre-orders in 2019-20
Tesla Cybertruck: 1/1
Ford Mustang Mach-E: 3/1
Audi e-Tron Sportback: 7/1

Which EV will receive more buzz online in November 2019 (according to Google Trends)
Tesla Cybertruck: 2/1
Ford Mustang Electric SUV: 3/1
Volkswagen ID Crozz: 5/1
Audi E-Tron Sportback: 9/1
Bollinger SUV: 12/1
Karma Revero GTS: 13/1
Any other EV revealed at LA Auto Show: 10/1

Odds on any electric vehicle being a Top 5 car sold in U.S. in year…
• 2020: 15/1
• 2021: 8/1
• 2022: 4/1

O/U public charging stations in U.S. in 2025: 72,000 (there are currently around 20,000 vs over 160,000 gas stations)

Odds the Mustang Mach-E outsells the gas Mustang Coupe in 2021: 1/2

Which car company will sell the most EVs in USA in 2021
Tesla 2/1
Ford 3/1
VW 5/1
Toyota 9/1
General Motors: 9/1
Nissan: 9/1
Hyundai: 10/1
BMW: 13/1
Mercedes: 15/1
Field 7/1

O/U Overall US EV sales 2021: 529,500 

O/U Lowest Sticker Price of new EV Vehicle in USA by end of 2022: $28,500

O/U Lowest Sticker Price of new EV Vehicle in USA by end of 2024: $26,500

Which electric truck will sell the most in US in 2022
Tesla Cybertruck: 2/1
Ford F150 Electric: 4/1
GMC Electric Truck (details unknown): 9/1
Rivian R1T: 10/1
Bollinger B2: 15/1
Field: 12/1

O/U first year any electric truck model outsells every gas and diesel truck model: 2028.5

Odds Elon posts a “redo” video of throwing a ball bearing at passenger window test by 2020: 2/1

Odds Franz von Holzhausen invited to throw out first pitch at MLB game next season: 100/1 

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