Medicine, from its origins thousands of years ago all the way to today, has undergone some significant changes as technology and knowledge of the human body have gotten better. One of those improvements being made right now is having tiny, pill sized robots inside your body helping and healing your body in many new and interesting ways that can help your body do things it could never do on its own. 

Other than having pills that can track and record data from inside your body, nanobots will relatively soon be able to perform what used to be high risk or high difficulty surgeries very quickly without any risk. 

Another use for nanobots is for vaccine patches, bandages, and microscopes. Pretty soon, patches made from thousands of silicon microneedles, making transporting and administering vaccines easier than ever. 

Find out the challenges for the future of nanotechnology and how it’s affecting medicine here.

The Future Of Nanotech In Medical Treatments 1


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