For decades we’ve been told that the surest path to success is through education. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. As more people became college-educated the requirements for a career shifted, and now the workforce needs more tradespeople. College is becoming more expensive and the overpopulation of those with college degrees is driving down wages for everyone. This is leading to a crisis of success, with a whole generation feeling that success is out of reach for them.

Vocational training takes less time, costs less, has a lower average debt load, and makes almost as much money as a college grad after the first ten years. There’s a shortage in many positions thanks to the retirement of Baby Boomers. In short, vocations like electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, phlebotomists, lab techs, LPNs, and more are in higher demand than ever.

Learn more about the merits of vocational training below.

Vocational Training For Success 1


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