Glasses don’t seem like much of a mystery, but when you get down to it, do you really know how they work? Sure, the curvature bends the light rays in a given direction to make up for either nearsightedness or farsightedness, but beyond that do you really understand what’s going on in your lenses?

UV coatings have been around since the middle of last century and polarized lenses have been around longer than that, but that was the first major advancement toward protecting your eyes in conjunction with correcting your vision. Today lenses are lighter and thinner than ever before, but they are also ten times more impact resistant with some materials. Blue light blocking technology is also appealing to people who don’t normally wear glasses as a way to further protect your vision from computer and smartphone screens as well as the blue light emitted from certain types of light bulbs.

Learn more about how glasses work below.

How Do Glasses Work? 1


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