The work environment has changed a lot over the past couple of decades. Each setup over the past 70 years had its own pros and cons. But today, employees are looking for workplaces that value the work/life balance, and support their health and wellbeing, and offer flexibility and perks. Simple perks for either as a reward or just simply to make your employees feel better about the place where they work, such as free snacks or drinks, keep employees healthy, happy, and productive.

Productivity is affected by many things in a worker’s life and health is something that affects it very much. Poor health in a worker can lead to almost 3 times as likely to experience high stress, and more than 2 times as likely to be disengaged from their work. All this goes to show having a relaxed environment, breaks, and even just free food can improve health in office workers, increase productivity, and generally raise people’s spirits.

Find out more simple things that can be done to help improve the office experience and how to keep up with it here.

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