Conflict happens everywhere at all times and in all situations. There’s really no way to get around it. So avoidance is not an answer. Ultimately, what you want to be as good as possible that is conflict resolution. And this is something that you can work at. You can practice defusing situations and several ways so that conflict is resolved with the minimum amount of drama.

A few different methods will showcase examples of the different kinds of approaches that you can take. First, there are de-escalation skills. It usually involves calm verbal tactics. Second, you can go the legal route. If a conflict is significant enough, you may want the legal system behind you to present your case in the best light in front of a judge. 

Third, sometimes, conflict resolution is all about picking your battles. If it’s not worth the effort, walk away from whatever the issue is. And last, for conflict between family members are couples, there is always therapy or counseling that can work wonders.

De-escalation Skills

The most straightforward conflict resolution technique to use is de-escalation. Use your brain to figure out what is going on, and then figure out whatever words necessary to stem the flow of anger. The point of de-escalation is to get everyone in a dramatic situation away from feeling defensive or aggressive, and instead open up a pathway for legitimate and calm communication.

Going the Legal Route

Sometimes it’s smartest to take conflict resolution to court. Especially if there is a criminal accusation involved, you want to have the best lawyer defending you that you can. The legal system is in place to protect the innocent and reach practical conclusions to all different kinds of conflict. If you believe you are in the right of a situation, use this to your advantage.

Picking Your Battles

Then there is the matter of picking your battles. Some people argue just to argue. Some people are insensible when they bring emotional topics into a discussion. If it’s not worth the effort for you to try and be reasonable with people who are just there to fight, then you should not even bother in the first place.

Therapy or Counseling

A more professional type of conflict resolution might be therapy or counseling. As an example, if you are having trouble with your spouse, rather than trying to figure it out within your own limited experience, it makes sense to try to go to a couples therapist

That way, there is a third party who has expertise in establishing proper methods of communication between people who are close to each other in proximity but struggling because of an inability to talk to each other in a way the other understands.


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