It’s unlikely we’ll see the day robots take over; however, with the help of artificial intelligence, robots will, in fact, create their own economy by 2030. The upcoming AI Economy is something potentially every business owner can partake in – given you and your organization adjust to a learning mindset. Let’s dig in.

Artificial Intelligence is reported to increase the global economy’s net worth by $13 trillion within the next decade. Saying this, the economy will be directly impacted and reshaped. This includes alterations to the job market (possibly risking automation and job elimination), innovations of goods and services, and increased traffic in the global economy.

Furthermore, approximately 70% of industries could utilize AI technology in some form. This has caused the AI Economy to break ground in markets worldwide from the United States to Europe to China – who aims to become the world leader for artificial intelligence by 2030.

While there are a few obstacles in implementing artificial intelligence into the workforce, 250-280 million new jobs could be created across the globe within the next decade. As a result, those who are willing to educate themselves and their employees on the new skills will essentially have endless opportunities for success once the AI Economy has liftoff. Check out the infographic below to learn how to integrate AI into your business.

Implementing AI Into Your Business 1


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