Living longer is a goal humanity has been striving for for many years and science shows that having a goal at all and having a sense of purpose, people had a 15% lower risk of an early death compared with those who said they felt aimless and had no goals. Stress also can be a huge detriment and life and people are stressed about their future, money, and work.

Stress and trauma in the long term can lead to decreased ability to uncertainties, fear of failure and rejection, disruption in work or personal success, and susceptibility to low mood, anxiety, and sleeping problems. But there are simple ways to be free of stress, even without seeing a professional.

Just like how relieving stress is good for you, a study by the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan showed that seniors that initially reported low levels of purposefulness were 2.4 times more likely to pass away during the duration of the survey, which lasted a few years.

Find out how having a purpose in life can be so beneficial here.

Why Is Purpose So Important? 1


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