Technology over the past few decades is becoming more and more prevalent in society and we become more dependant, when it fails it wreaks havoc on our lives. The cost of downtime can be enormous, as over half of businesses need more than 1 hour to recover a crashed application – costing over $10,000 for every hour of downtime. The world is very dependant on tech and when it fails, even our homes are at risk, with our security systems and even our appliances relying on it. People’s homes aren’t the only ones at risk – businesses and companies are at high risk too with all of their online infrastructure.

But even with technology’s many advantages, including being better at our own things than we are, such as when a computer in 1997 beat the world chess champion in a game, it still has flaws. When others find those flaws and exploit them, it can destroy our lives.

Find out how hackers can cost an exorbitant amount to defend against as well as the value of server monitoring and steps to take against hackers here.

Defending Your Business Against Downtime 1


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