As we dive deeper into the digital era, people are beginning to prefer live video over text and static video. In fact, 8 to 10 people would rather watch live video than read a blog or social media post. This makes sports, concerts, breaking news, and conferences more alluring and entertaining. In 2019, YouTube’s livestreams from Coachella collected 82 MILLION live views from the first weekend of the music festival alone!

There are an assortment of benefits of joining the live video wave. Only 20% of people finish reading a text article, but livestreams have stronger influence to make people purchase event tickets. Livestreams also draw in 6x the engagement of video-on demand, and 97% of consumers are willing to share live video on social media platforms.
Going live is easy! There’s no equipment needed except for choosing a platform that is best for your business: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Take your business live today!

How Livestreaming Video Boosts Engagement 1


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