If You Run A Small Business

You Need To Check Out These Affordable Learning Management Systems

As any small business owner knows, their most significant cost is their people. Not only do company owners have to spend inordinate sums on paying their workers a salary, but they also have to shell out on additional costs, such as staff training. 

In today’s economy, training employees is no longer optional. Companies that do not have the skills that they need to compete on the national and international stage in-house will struggle. Having the right people in your firm is essential if you are to succeed. 

Training solutions, however, weren’t always convenient or good value for money. You often had to hire trainers who would come to your premises and deliver courses at set times throughout the day. Training staff was an administrative nightmare, and not particularly flexible. 

E-learning using learning management systems, however, promises to change all that. Instead of forcing your employees to do training at set times, these LMS platforms allow workers to log in and learn things that they need to know for their job whenever they like (or at a time that is convenient to you). 

Of course, choosing a learning management system that does everything you want it to and is affordable is no easy task – there are just so many options on the market. However, the following infographic should make things a lot easier. It shows which solutions offer the best value for money and combined with the highest level of service. 

It’s time to stop paying more than you need for staff training. Take a look at the top 20 most affordable platforms below.

Infographic by eLearning Industry Best 20 Value for Money LMS Software for Small Businesses

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