In January 2011, $100 could buy you 333.33 BTC but in April 2019, the same investment would cost $1.7 million – more than 5000 times more. Though there are far more ways to capitalize on blockchain than just buying Bitcoin.

Although you can’t invest directly into the blockchain, you can invest in companies that you believe will materially from the technology. There are many tools that are available to help you with blockchain investments for the average investor.

You can buy, hold, and trade cryptocurrencies and tokens. There are four main types of crypto asset classes, (Cryptocurrency) coins, Security/Asset tokens, Utility tokens, and Non – Fungible Tokens (NFT). Coins are used to store value and/or are a means of payment. Security tokens are used for ownership shares in real-world assets. Utility tokens grant access to the product, service, or platform, and NFTs represent a unique digital asset or collectible.

Find out more options on capitalizing blockchain here.

Making Money On The Blockchain 1


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