By 2017, the typical American household had around five connected devices ranging from our smartphones to home IoT. The only problem was, many home WiFi 5 networks just couldn’t keep up.

With an outlook of 20 billion IoT devices in use worldwide by 2020, our WiFi networks are going to have to get a lot more powerful. Built with IoT management in mind, Wifi 6 not only increases speeds up to 4.6 times faster than WiFi 5 but also makes room for more IoT devices on the network. Now, instead of slowing down from heavy traffic, WiFi 6 splits each transmission to stream to multiple devices at the same time to keep every device’s connection fast and reliable.

The technology in your home’s wireless router is the culmination of decades worth of work, advancements, and theoretic ideas truly put to the test. From Nikola Tesla’s visions to modern WiFi 6, understanding where we’ve been is all part of predicting where we will go, detailed in this infographic.

WiFi6 Is Coming! Is Your Network Ready? 1


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